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Part of me wonders too about the people that keep nothing on hand. Like I understand poverty if that's the reason - I'm poor and sometimes run out of things and can't restock for a while - but the people who are able to panic doomsday shop and fill shopping carts of tp obviously have the money. These folks never keep soap and a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand? How quickly do they run out? Even when I was working as a cashier so I kept hand sanitizer and wet wipes in my apron and used them every day at work, I didn't go through it that fast. Even if the unprepared types all went out and bought a bottle of Purell - because let's be honest, one bottle will last a WHILE for individuals - the fact that it's out just everywhere - and now I'm hearing rubbing alcohol is too - is just absurd. People are really buying so much that they'll have a stock of Purell until they die at this rate.
Edited for clarity: I'm glad you are sharing this info, I'm just sayin' it's crazy that there has been such a run on supplies!


I know right it is crazy, had I know this was gonna happen I would have bought up a bunch of stuff to give away to those in need that don't have the resources.

Right? Like I'm still trying to get my first aid kit together (almost done though, woohoo!) or I would too.
I'm really worried about the homeless population. Nobody is helping them as far as I can tell. They're super vulnerable to illness as it is thanks to poor living conditions, they don't have adequate cleaning facilities, and now even groups who normally help them, I'm seeing cancel regular handouts due to fears of corona, so they're going to have even less food and supplies available to them. :( And they can't quarantine at home if they don't have a home!

That does suck I need to find some more Aloe but once I do, I will make up some more and pass them out to our homeless, but first I have to find more, finding what I did find was actually hard.