-How to Repurpose Your Old Trampoline into a Swing Bed

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Children beg and beg to have a trampoline in their backyard. But in a few years when the novelty has worn off, the trampoline is left to rust and collect mildew. It’s not the best look in the garden. It seems a shame to take the forgotten object to the tip. So how can you upcycle this once-beloved piece of play equipment? Why not turn it into a swinging day bed?

Outdoor beds are all the rage, and this is an easy way to have one without the heavy costs. There’s something about being suspended above the ground and rocked gently by the wind. But fancy purpose-built swing beds can get pretty pricey. Thankfully, transforming your trampoline into a suspension bed can be a pretty simple project.

You will need:

  • Trampoline frame ring, bounce mat and springs
  • A wrench or screwdriver
  • Soft foam padding or mattress
  • Sheet
  • Braided rope with a high working load limit
  • Strong chain
  • Cushions, throws or blankets

Step 1. Cut the trampoline down to size

You only need the frame ring, bounce mat and trampoline springs, so remove the trampoline legs. You may need to unscrew bolts or screws with a wrench or screwdriver. If the bolts or screws are stubborn, scrub them clean of rust and dirt with a wire brush. Oil them up before giving them another go. Once the legs are removed, your base is ready – too easy!

Step 2. Cover the springs

If you had a trampoline as a child, you’ll remember how painful it could be to get little fingers trapped in the springs. You really don’t want that risk in a place for relaxation (not to mention that rusty springs aren’t going to look particularly pretty on your lazy bed). Cover the springs up with strips of cloth or rope. Wrap the cloth around the springs and the outer frame several times to form a soft, cushioned layer. Alternatively, use pieces of thin foam beneath the cloth and rope to create the same effect.

Step 3. Cover the mat

There are a few ways you can cushion your trampoline so it’s soft and enticing to lay on. The easy-peasy way is simply to cover the whole trampoline mat with a sheet and cover it in cushions. But if you want to go for an even plusher, cosier look, use a soft padding such as foam – or even better, a mattress that fits the shape of your trampoline. Cover the whole deal in a sheet.

Step 4. Hang the bed with ropes

Trampolines – especially old trampolines – can really sag in the middle. And that’s not going to make for a very comfortable suspension bed. When you attach the suspension rope to the bed, run the ropes underneath the mat and up around the sides, rather than just tying them to the frame. That should bolster up the middle a bit. Bring the rope ends together at the top and tie them into a strong knot, either over your bed support or connected to a chain.

Step 5. Hang your bed

Choose a reliable area to hang your bed. You could string it from a tree in the backyard or from the beams of a pergola or verandah. Or you can even create a steel tee-pee frame as the support. Make sure whatever instrument that holds the bed – whether it’s a branch, a beam, or a homemade frame – will be capable of carrying the load. Then suspend your bed with strong braided rope. You may even want to reinforce the rope with metal chains at the tip.

Step 6. Decorate!

This is the fun part! Match your bed décor to the existing design of your outdoor area. Make the bed really welcoming with some trendy cushions or throws – or maybe even a cosy blanket. You can even create a cute tent look by wrapping a sheet around the outside of the ropes. Once you’re happy with your creative outburst, step back and admire your work. Then go grab a cuppa and a good book and lie down in your reworked trampoline bed for a lazy afternoon of relaxation after all your hard work.

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