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Hey Everyone!!
In my today's blog I'm going to show you how to make little and colorful butterflies for decorating your room.

Here are some butterflies that i made to show you👇...


Process Of Making😉


So here👆 i have shown you the starting five steps in order to make a butterfly🦋.
We have to start with the square paper, here i taken two square papers.
Then make a fold along both the diagonals which i marked with black lines and open it, like this👆.
After this your paper will look like the 3rd step. Now you have to joint any two vertically opposite sides, and have to fold internally, in the direction in which i marked the arrow.
You have to follow the 3rd step in such way that it look like in fourth step.
Now make the paper flat after folding it, like in the 5th step.


Now here you have the folded paper like the blue color one, and you have to fold it from the middle which i marked with black line, like the pink one color.


Now mark the corner of the triangle in a semi- circular way like the pink one and cut it out like the blue one.


Now open the fold that we have made just before cutting it and it will look like this one☝.


Now after opening it will look like the pink one. Now fold its both corners in upward direction like i did with the blue one. Due to cutting it will divided in two papers, so you have to fold the upper one leaving the lower one.


Now here you have to turn the paper backside putting the broader part downward like this.
Now pull the corner part from the upside making a little fold like with the pink one and paste it in front side, like with the blue one.


Now again turn your butterfly and it will look like this👆. To make it more bulky press it little downward and it will stand easily.
Now it's time to decorate it😊.



So here i completed my butterfly with all the decorations and its ready to fly😅 everywhere.

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