Installing a new sink!

in diy •  last year

We’ve had this shitty shallow two sided stainless steel sink since the beginning of eternity. Most houses around her actually have this sink. I think it was the original one used when development and neighborhoods first went in. I finally couldn’t take it anymore…

As you can see there have been so many leaks under here over the years that the base is pretty trashed. But I’m not ready to get a new one yet so I used some of those sticky backed linoleum tiles to cover it up in there and make it look at least a bit better.

Kinda better right?

Enough so that it doesn’t feel gross to go under there which is what we had to do next…

We switched off being in that cramped little space.
This is the sink we dropped in! I got it at our little scrap yard for $15! WTF Right!?

And now it’s all sealed up with caulk around the edges and is so much better so use!

Simple project but makes us want to get moving on a kitchen remodel… reused of course.

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Wow.. huge difference.. I have a double sink now.. I like the improvement


It is so much more enjoyable to use! And if you're ever in Boulder... I'll give you a good price on a sink (;

Beginning of eternity" lol. Yup me too, also on the list. Looks awsome very good job.


After working at the junk yard I've really gotten to know about the kinds of sinks people are getting rid of and that's the one. Was a pretty simple job... even though it took all day! HA


Lol, very nice...

That's a nice sink you put in!
I don't know why all the cabinets have to be made with crappressboard, the water leaks destroy that stuff over time. I like the way you tiled over it, much easier to keep it clean and nice looking.


Thanks, putting that tile stuff over it was the only thing I could do. It's hard to find a kitchen sink base that's not totally destroyed by some leak that will inevitably happen! I love "crappressboard" gonna have to use that at work (;