Saimin - Cooking During the Quarantine in Honolulu Hawaii

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We made home made Saimin (kind of like Ramen bu the noodles are thicker) for dinner tonight.

We de-boned some Chicken Thighs (which we will eat tomorrow) and made the broth with the bones. We finally figured out the best way to make the broth. We cooked it for 5 hours lightly salting it each hour until the taste was perfect.

We cut up some Mizuna and Green Onions from out Garden.

The Chicken meat is what fell off the bones.

We also fried up some Portuguese Sausage and cut up some Kim Chee.

We lightly sprinkled some Furikake (Nori) on it.

It was awesome. It was as good as anything we have had at the Ramen Restaurants.