Power Restored at Our Tiny House - Big Island Hawaii

in diy •  13 days ago


Well as luck would have it the power came back on last night. We flew out anyway to troubleshoot our Solar System.

After an hours drive from the Kona Airport I arrived at our Tiny House to begin the trouble shooting. I called Eric, from Humless, who has always been super helpful.

He had me go through the settings and he said "well that's wrong" a number of times. We had this solar guy help us with the install and evidently he had the settings messed up.

After changing all the setting Eric point out a potential problem which is that since we are not there for a period of time the battery system will be at 100% a lot so the system may shut down if there is too much power being sent to the unit, for example, on an extremely sunny day. All we have running is our refrigerator and internet.

He suggested that we run some devices on a timer to suck up some of the power.

Hopefully that works.

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