Ohia Bowl - From Log to Bowl - A 4 Minute How We Did It - Big Island Hawaii

in diy •  25 days ago 

Well we finally finished the Ohia Bowl and the video. It took us a lot longer to finish the bowl because we only have certain hours when we can run our belt sander at our condo in Honolulu Hawaii. We have been busy with regular work and thus by the time we get home it is past the hours of running power tools.

We will continue to work on our wood working skills and try to make something different for the next Ohia log video.

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oh dear @hawaiialoha, maybe you have little time but your job is always more beautiful! I think it is very satisfying to be able to do things with your own hands !! keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Thank you so much. I love making stuff from material from the land.

A very creative work. Thanks for sharing the video to watch the finished bowl. Regards @hawaiialoha

Thanks. It is so fun considering that piece of wood was just sitting in an old fire pit.

Hello Hello!

I love the video because you explained yourself very well, it was very entertaining and your voice caught me hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela

Greetings from Hawaii. You should come and visit us in Hawaii.

Hi hawaiialoha,

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