Offgrid Living - Went Spearfishing - My GoPro Switched Modes AGAIN But I Know What is Wrong - Big Island Hawaii

in #diy2 months ago


I went spearfishing again and hoped to have some footage for this week but no luck.

I tested the GoPro on land and everything worked fine.

Before my drop, while I was in the water, I took my mask off to check the GoPro was still set to video and it was.

I caught a nice fish for dinner but got no footage as my GoPro switch from Video to Time Lapse.

I know I didn't accidentally touch the mode button again. I figured out it must have to do with diving under the water. After Googling it I found out what the problem was. The Screen Lock got turned off. When the screen lock is off and you take the camera under water the water acts like a swipe thus the mode change.

Hopefully I will get to dive this weekend but the surf is supposed to come up.

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