DIY - Making Our Ohia and Resin TV Table in 3 Minutes - New Tiny House Big Island of Hawaii - Video

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Here is a short video of how we made our Ohia and Resin TV table for our new Tiny House on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Hello Hello!

Tremendous work and creativity! You have a lot of talent♡♡♡

Greetings from Venezuela :D

thanks so much. appreciate the kind words. we have never been to venezuela. hope you can visit hawaii one day.

Beautiful work and very creative. I have a curiosity: how much time did you spend on construction? a cordial greeting @hawaiialoha

thanks for the comment. this took us two days to do.

This step by step is really practical and fast.
when you know, you know, haha
It looks great for your little house.
Congratulations on a Curie vote.

thanks so much. we love to learn new things and experiment with new techniques.

oh dear @hawaiialoha an absolutely amazing building! I wish I had your skill in my hands to build similar things !! but did you invent the project or did you get inspired by something you saw? keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Thanks for the comment. We just made it up. I have seen videos of people doing something similar but that was not the inspiration for the project. We are always looking for ways to make stuff out of the deadfall we find.

so double congratulations !! having a such good genius is something rare and beautiful :-))

Thanks so much for the comment. We are pretty happy with how it came out.

Hi hawaiialoha,

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