My First SELF-HAIRCUT! A Simple and Easy Tutorial by a Pasty White Dude

in diy •  2 years ago

Guides for giving yourself a haircut made it look easy, so it couldn't turn out too bad right? Here was my first attempt at cutting my own hair.

Well, to be fair.. This is probably one of the most basic haircuts out there. But hey, it doesn't look half bad! Or does it?? lol

Presented by a thirty year old with the body and hair of a sixty year old for your viewing entertainment =P


  • Start off with the largest attachment possible
  • Use your trimmer on a small unnoticeable part on the side of your head to test the length
  • If that looks ok, use it on a larger section
  • If it STILL looks ok, start using it all over your head
  • Keep going over and over your head in various directions to make sure you get all your hair trimmed
  • Now use a slightly smaller attachment on your trimmer to thin the hair around your ears a bit more only do this on a very small width around your ears
  • Remove all attachments and shave any loose hairs directly around your ears BUT BE CAREFUL!
  • Also if you are daring enough, you can use a smaller attachment on the side and back of your head... but careful trying to keep it even to make it look good. (I was too chicken to try hehe)
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Hahaha that was funny, It does not look very easy to do.

I would never dare do this to myself, so upvoted for being brave man :)


Haha thanks! I don't care about image that much (if you couldn't tell by my appearance) so it didn't bother me if I screwed up.


Haha thanks =P
To be honest, I might not have been 100% sober when I did it lol