Unique Flowers #2

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Has flowers that will never wither is very pleasant, right?

So... this time @Creatips will give you a tutorial for making beautiful flowers that will never wither.

Let's do this tutorial!

Materials should be prepared is:

- Some paper (sheet music, wrapping paper, book pages, origami paper, newsprint, or else). using anything much heavier than that might make the flower stiffer and harder to shape.
- Scissors
- Paper glue
- Wire (a length of floral wire and a bead about 1/8 "in diameter)
- Watercolor

" Water Color Paper Rose "

  • If you use plain paper, you can make the paper more colorful with splash of watercolour in the center of these sheets for some color. Cut the paper into 3 paper squares, at least 4" across. Fold the paper into a triangle, then fold again the triangle into a smaller triangle, and cut off the top of the open part into a rounded-top petal shape and cut just the tiniest amount of the bottom corner to put a hole in the center. Unfold the petal-triangles into the flat little flower shapes they should now be. Repeat with all 3 squares.

  • Cut out a petal along the fold lines for the first paper flower, cut out the chunk of 2 petals (1/4 of the flower) for a second paper flower, and cut out a chunk of 3 petals for the third paper flower, and keep all the smaller pieces that have been cut.

  • Apply glue to one petal of each of the larger pieces, and overlap to form each layer into a cone. For the smallest individual petal piece, roll into a cone and glue along the edge to hold it in this cone shape. Then for the two and three-petal sections, overlap just a bit of the edges and glue to form cones for each of them.

  • Fold the ends petal of the paper flowers to look like a blooming original flower.

  • Fold the wire half loosely, put the bead at least 1/8" across on the wire until it sits in the center, then twist the wire to tie it.

  • Put the paper flower petals on the wire, starting from the smallest petals, by applying a small amount of glue to the very bottom of the first petal. Then put again the second petal cone onto the wire and hold to allow the glue to set. Repeat with 3-6 flower petals, and rotating each layer as appropriate to try and alternate petals and gaps.

  • To keep it extra secure, add the bead on one half of the open wire ends, then twist the other wire strand around to secure it. Wrap the wire in floral tape or green masking tape to make it look great.

And now all done!

This is so pretty!

This flowers is perfect for decoration, and maybe to give to someone is also very nice, and the flowers can not wither, so you can keep it for a long time. Let's make your own flowers with tutorial by @Creatips.

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