Make Your Own Masterpiece

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This time @Creatips will make some art that can even beautify your room decoration. Want to know what will be made by @Creatips?

Let's keep up!

You'll need:

- Frame
- Scissors
- Glue
- Paint
- Foam brush
- Cardstock

" Painted Silhouette "

  • Take a few photos, then size the photo to fit the chosen frame, by editing using photo editing software.

  • Print out photo.

  • Cut the photo following the face shape by using scissors.

  • Turn the silhouette photo side down onto a paper towel. Then, apply an even layer of black paint (you can use any color).

  • Let it dry!

  • When it's completely dry, cover the back of the painted silhouette with glue and attach the silhouette to another piece of cardstock.

Frame ‘er up! and the silhouette is done!

It's easy to make it, right?
So, what are you waiting for? let's make home decoration more interesting with your own work by using tutorial from @Creatips!

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