Make a Little Something Amazing!

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Making a decoration is not as difficult as you think, by just making a triangle you can already make a very nice decoration, especially you add some other material that will definitely be so perfect. So, @Creatips will give some simple tutorial using triangle that can make your decoration amazing!

Let's Make Something!

You'll need:

- Patterned paper or you can make a watercolor paintings
- Canvas 24x24 inch
- Paint
- Glue

" Mozaic "

  • If you want to use watercolor paintings, you can make it by wet the paper with water then apply watercolors with different color.

  • Cut all of the watercolor paintings into triangles of various sizes.

  • Paint the canvas with white paint (you can use other colors if you want) and let it dry.

  • After the canvas dried, set the triangle to the canvas to get the desired position, if the triangle has match with the position, now attach the triangle using the glue.

Hurray! Mozaic is done!

Decorate your room with this Mozaic it will definitely look very nice!
So, Let's make this decoration with your own work and don't forget to use tutorial from @Creatips!

Image source: 1,2

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Good tutorial! Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you! @alexey78