Beautiful Christmas With Your Own Work [2]

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Christmas day must be identical with christmas tree, right? so... for this time @Creatips will give tutorial to make Christmas tree, but with different material and also will be different Christmas tree.

Let's Just Make It!

Materials that have to prepared :

- Greeting Card (can be replaced with postcard)
- Cutter or scissors
- Ruler
- Cutting mat
- Glue or Double tape
- Christmas tree ornament
- Christmas LED lights

"Simple Christmas Tree"

  • Cut the greeting card into several triangular shapes, and attach the double tape to each rear of the triangle.

  • Make a large triangle on the wall by attaching the triangulars piece. Starting with the widest part of the triangle (the bottom) and continue until it reaches the top of the triangle.

And now the simpe Christmas tree have done! add Christmas ornaments and lights to make it look like a real Christmas tree. You can beautify the Christmas tree with additional decoration and give a cotton pile or white fur carpet.

Wow this is so simple, minimalist, and no less good with real christmas tree, right?

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