Building a PC for the First Time

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Have you ever thought about building your own PC? It is a great, cheaper alternative to buying one already put together and ready to go. It is also great for customizing and upgrading later on down the road. It is something that I have been wanting to get into. Just recently, I finally did it. It was a lot of fun buying all of the parts and learning about all of the components. In the end, it was a rewarding experience sitting in front of my brand new, finished computer. You get this extra-personal experience with your computer after you build it all by yourself.

Here are some of the highlights of my experience.

... And the finished product:

Overall, I didn't really run into any problems. I had to move one wire because the fan was wacking it, and I had the cpu fan plugged into the wrong place. I moved those two things, and it ran like a charm. Lastly, I partitioned the hard drive and installed Windows 10 on one Terabyte, and Ubuntu on the other. This is my first Linux machine and I am loving it!

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Thanks for reading. Leave a comment if you have any first-build experiences you would like to share. Peace!

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I remember the first computer I build it was a frankincomputer I put together from a bunch of recycled computers. It's funny your first build is like your first love. You never forget it and it's. Like I just did it yesterday. I no longer have that PC I ran windows XP on it worked like a charm. But I had to put that old dog out to pasture years ago. Hope your experience is as good as mine was

Hey nice one. Great job and congrats and building your own PC for the first time :)