A really (s)crap wood table - a first for us!

in #diy2 years ago

A few months ago I posted about a scrap wood table we were hoping to make. More back story in my post!

Just to add a few details. All the wood you can get here is really scrap but without the S. I see videos of people in USA talking about scrap wood and showing pieces that are better than the furniture we have in the house... That's not scrap, it's amazing material that someone threw away for unknown reason. I'm forever stumped by what people throw away in an over satisfied nation! 😕

Also, working with wood is not something is done frequently here. I read blogs of homestead families, they build houses themselves. Amazing! Here there are no wooden houses, that is considered a joke, like the 3 piggies story. All houses are concrete and bricks. So working with wood is not a very common thing. For small structures people prefer welding and metal.

So before last year me and hubby had no experience with wood working in any way. At least now we have a table to show for our basic skills!

@bobydimitrov posing on top!

It was very interesting experience! First, almost no two planks were the same thickness. Second, a few broke when we tried to cut or screw them. Third, we forgot to oil the wood before putting the table together.

All in all we were destined for failure but somehow succeeded!

We tested the table for sturdyness by making 6 friends climb on top and each had a beer! And it held! Yay!

Just as reminder, here is where it all started!

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Not bad at all for your first go at woodworking! Sounds petty strong too. Did you end up oiling it after completion?

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Yes, we gave the kids a brush each and a pot of boiled linseed oil and they did a single hand. We'll probably lightly stain the wood in spring and then do two more hands! I hope to post photos of that next year, we got two natural stains, green and orange :)

That looks awesome, do you have any advice for how to find scrap wood? I live in a pretty major city, and it's similar to what you said. No one builds anything out of wood. I don't even see that many pallets. So I was hoping you or someone else had any ideas of where I could find wood. Thanks!

Haha well we live in Bulgaria so anything that can be found for free is crap :) The best success we had with pallets is bringing some beers to builders of a nearby building ;) Good luck!

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Just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Looks sturdy and a good job, added to my follow list to see what you make next.

Thank you kindly!

It's finished - yay!! What a great job! 6 friends drinking beer on a handmade scrapwood table? Sounds like the start of some serious eco-community! :)

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That brings back memories! It looks a lot like a table my brother made when he was maybe 12. That's not to insult you...he was a woodsman and craftsman. Basically, he did all the chores around the place. It was a rough place. Grass cut in front with a scythe. Picnic table made from, I don't remember what. I don't know where he found the planks but that was a sturdy table, and lasted through Hudson Valley winters for at least a couple of years, until we moved.
Anyway, you look grand up there on your table. Seems like there will be many shared experiences around that table. And then, one day, fond memories, like mine.
Good luck, and happy sharing!

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