not gonna get into a fight over a roll of toilet paper with some mcmansion horder, gonna go in nature at that point if it gets to that point, lol :/

I been a prepper for natural disasters and the likes since 2005 when we had a bad ice storm in my area, we were without power for 11 days, since then I always make sure I have plenty of TP and other supplies so if we go off the grid we won't freeze or starve or run out of TP, but I also don't keep an excessive amount either, though I do buy my TP at Sam's Club, I like the Members Mark TP and keep a membership just for that, and buy 5 packs of 9 mega rolls and like to keep a pack of that in each bathroom, so I on average keep beween 5 to 10 packs or 45 to 90 rolls, if I get down to only 5 packages of it, I go buy more so I never run out. But before the pandemic even hit I already had my 45 to 90 roll stock, currently I have 8 packs that are not opened and 2 packs in each bathroom with 1 roll out of each pack. If this goes on, I might have to give some rolls away to readers.

yeah disasters and bad stuff def trained me on a few things, it's refreshing to see you being the best of what blockchain can be about by even thinking of sharing. I see price gauging on some items but some companies with good Coloidial Silver or Oregano Oil are even dropping prices or keeping it the same and think it's the good in people that helps get us through scary stuff