Pinup Craft Night

in diy •  6 months ago

Once upon a time when I lived in Virginia, I had a small shop where I would sell handcrafted bows and floral hair clips made by yours truly. And during the MySpace days I would even hold a contest for girls to appear in the calendar for my bows! I actually had my own calendar too when I used to do pinup modeling. This is my favorite pic of me!
I decided to make some hair clips for the tiki festival I will be attending in Palm Springs. And some extra ones for my gal pals!
It was so much fun doing this, I might just start making them to sell again!!!

Btw I ordered these lil bad boys last night! Can’t wait to wear them!
Do you like crafting?


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Love your crafts, your choices in fabric are good. And the colors are very nice.

I love all types of art, it makes my world go around!

I would buy one and promote the shit out of you every time I wore it.


I am thinking of selling them once again on my Etsy shop and I would totally gift you an extra one <3


Aww hella yeah!! My crazy bush woman fro needs accessories stat. Haha.

I am not sure if you will be in town, but it would be lovely to meet you


I hope to meet the San Diego team soon as well!


I'm crafting a bigger closet in the in-laws suite. Not quite crafting, but hopefully turns out well.


You handy thing you! Actually this involves a lot more than just sticking flowers on barrettes lol Love the fact you can work on your home the way you do. Lucky wifey over there :)


Turned out alright😄image.jpeg


Bravo! Hired! Haha this looks very nice!