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I think that price-gouging during a disaster is outrageous -- and I'm pretty certain that some of the places that do this actually have no real shortages but have things like toilet paper, water, alcohol, etc. stocked somewhere and are putting them out with the inflated prices a little at a time to create panic-shopping.


It isn't the stores that are gouging it is resellers buying out all the stock that are gouging. But if you run low on TP let me know I can bring you a few rolls.

Thanks! So far I'm (pardon my inevitable pun) good-to-go when it comes to TP, but I'll remember that. I really enjoyed the healthy snacks you made for me a few months ago, so I might see if you're making any up anytime soon.

Anyway, the TP scare seems to come -- at least, in part -- that most of our TP is Made In China and that, as they can no longer ship to other places due to quarantine.

The truth is that TP is made in plenty of places right here in the USA.

Anyway, I have nothing -- including food -- that I have to go out for at this time, so I'll probably be staying in for the next several days and getting things done around here that I need to catch up on doing.

This means that I'll likely wait until sometime next week to buy a 15-day bus pass.

By then, I hope the virus will have come close to running its course. We're staying as safe as possible here in our apartment building.

No it isn't I don't know where people are getting that but there are 150 Toilet paper plants in the United States only 10% gets imported and that comes from Canada and Mexico we do not import TP from China so it doesn't make any sense.