Where was I? #HomeComing

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Hello Steemians,

So after the wait time of 30 days, I am back to my steemit family. It was pretty hard to keep up with my work as most of the time I was missing you guys, thinking about the steemit, missing chats in discord, watching my walls but not posting, lol. Professional work is so vast that it completely took my central attention and I have to stop writing for days. Though, I still wrote 50+ pages of the report that keeps me up with my blogging feelings. So where was I and what I did? I was building an application and making a report of it, documenting it. Took me a lot of days but I don't want to miss a chance on that too. Meanwhile, I joined a lot of shows on MSP just to keep myself happy about steemit, shows of @crimsonclad (Thursday and Saturday), reading blogs of witness @bobinson (vote him here), voting on the netcoins contest, upvoting people and a much more. How I am feeling right now, let's get emotional! That's how I am feeling right now, eager to meet and talk to you all again.

Come here!

After the HF 20, most of the things went down, it took a week to get everything back on the track, this period kept most of the minnows out of the light and I was one of them - out of the limelight. RC fixation took some more days and hard work of devs, a big thanks to devs and witness to keep up with these stressful hours of updating and fixing RC counts.HF 20 took shit out of the all node runners. A big salute to all node runners. They did an awesome job of saving us and this platform. HF 20 gave me some time to take rest, ahh, I was hoping for the rest but my professional life jumped with a bag of works which I have to do at any cost. And I started counting the missed days of blogging. At last, I am here again joining hands with you all guys on an epic run. Some works are left but I think I have kept myself focused a lot and now I must put myself in a relaxation state before a long run like bitcoin is about to.


Diwali is here!

Image result for diwali lights

Diwali is the festival of light and this year Diwali is falling on my birth date. Bonus! I will catch a lot pics and share here so you can all have a glimpse of it. I got a lot of things to tell you but let put that all things in a schedule so we can all see it happening - a realistic approach! Yeah, I was and I am missing you all. I will keep an eye on the comment section below to see what you guys got to say. It will take a little bit time to get in my real run for blogs. I am captioning this break as super HF 20 break! So ahh, bye catch you all soon in the next blog. We will talk about all, a lot of things to hear and say!


HF 20!

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You lose your SBI votes after 28 days. FYI. You need to remind him.

Happy Diwali !


You're not with SBI?


Someone has subscribed it with me. Don't know anything else.

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