The Divorce Process in St. Louis, MO.

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The divorce process can be a very complex issue. It is best to secure a divorce attorney in St. Louis, MO to guide you in the right direction and make certain you get what you should.

There are several items necessary to get a divorce in a court of law in St. Louis, Mo.

Requirements for a Divorce

You have to meet a residency requirement. One spouse must reside in the state or be a member of the armed services who has stationed in the state for a full 90 days before you file for divorce.

You have to state why you are asking the judge for a divorce. This can be as simple as using the wording that the “marriage is irretrievably broken.” If your spouse disagrees with this as grounds for divorce, the judge can still grant it.

When there are disagreements between spouses over child custody and spousal support, you may have to prove that the marriage is irretrievably broken and have proof of the reason. Such items include adultery, abandonment for six months or longer, voluntary separation for a year or involuntary separation for two years and incompatibility between spouses.

Divorce Courts

Your attorney will prepare a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to state that you want a divorce. It will be filed with the appropriate court. Your spouse will be served with a copy of the petition paperwork and will have a chance to respond.

Child Custody Issues

If you and your spouse share custody of any minor children, you will need to draft a parenting plan for the divorce. This document details the custody rights for each spouse, visitation schedules and child support.

In St. Louis, you are required to attend a Parent Education class. It helps to have cooperation between parents after a divorce and reduces trauma for your children. If both spouses cannot agree on a parenting plan, then the judge will decide how it is to be handled.

Divorce Finalization

After child custody, property division and spousal support have been settled the judge can then grant your divorce. The shortest time period in St. Louis from the time of filing the petition to the divorce being granted is 30 days. This is only a time period for a simple divorce without children and very little property for spouses that agree on all the issues. Involved divorces can take several months from start to finish.

The judge will issue a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage when he makes the divorce final.

The Law Offices of Kathleen E. Shaul, PC for a family law attorney provides the highest quality legal representation in St. Louis with over 20 years experience. They offer free and confidential phone consultations.



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