nightdive: Morey Eel hunts and kills at night!!!

in #diving4 years ago

During a nightdive while at liveaboard on the Red Sea following the 'deep south' route me and my buddy followed a big morey hunting at night.

During the day we often see morey's but they are always laying in a crack or hole just with there head visible. But at night they are extremely active and hovering over the reef in search of a prey. We couldn't have been more surprised when we saw the sudden snap and the fish jiggling in it's mouth.

It's one of those moments you're in the right place at the right time and you won't forget easily.

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Night dives are always great to see the life that is typically hiding during the day! Thanks for the post!

I love how the soundtrack you put in your video!! Its exactly how i feel while im diving hahaha! Looks like you had a nice night dive buddy! Thx for the post.

Indeed, it was a suitable soundtrack. I mostly feel very relaxed when diving but at that moment my hard started pumping :-)

I like nightdiving. So many special things to see.
The only bad thing on a liveaboard after nightdiving is that your wetsuit is still wet for the early morning dive. Jakkes.

hehe, you should try diving @ Belgium. First dive is OK but if you do another dive an hour later then you have to stuff yourself in an ice cold wetsuit. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

I dive in The Netherlands as well. But always in my dry suit. I hate cold.

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Nice footage! He is a big bugger. Never seen one hunting before.