🎥 Diving video of a very huge Turtle at "Shark Bay" in Thailand!

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Hello dear blog readers,

I have uploaded my video of the very big turtle I have seen at the end of my second dive during my holidays on the Ko Samui island in Thailand on my YouTube channel today.

It really was a very lucky moment to watch this amazing animal at the so called diving spot "Shark Bay", near Ko Tao island, and that I was able to come at least so close to record this video here:

Have a nice day everyone and hear you!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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What a wonderful experience you have lived ... I hope your holidays have more great experiences.

Hi @anasuleidy, yes it was really awesome in Thailand and greetings from Germany!

Wow, I love the color of the water, looks amazing. I think, you might had a good time in Thailand. Enjoy with your traveling my friend.

Thanks for your visit & feedback @chanthasam - Steem On!

Very Nice diving video.
Thanks for sharing this life.
I appreciate your busy..

turtles are fast fuckers for such a slow reputation!

Yes, they are really fast animals.

Omg How wonderful experience!! Thanks for sharing with us, friend!

Thanks for your visit and greetings from Germany @michellm3!

Have u seen a shark too?

Hi @enja18, no I haven´t seen a shark in Thailand. :-(

Looking like you having great time to do some fun

Yes, thank you for the feedback @techxegama and Steem On!

I like it busy
Thanks for sharing video
I appreciate your post

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I couldn't see the turttle properly...but anyway thanks for sharing this video😊

Nice footage of the turtle future24. One thing that made me pause though was the condition of the coral on the sea floor. It looks dead all over out there and I can only assume that the global coral bleaching has hit hard in Thailand :-( I was over there 7 years ago diving and the coral was, for the most part, vibrant and healthy.

What's your take on it? Is it as bad as it looks? Thanks for sharing this footage of the turtle, it made my morning toast so much more entertaining :-)

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