Beautiful close up view of the sea urchin in a coral! — Steemit

Beautiful close up view of the sea urchin in a coral!

in diving •  8 months ago


Hi Steemians and diving interested people, this is a great close up view photo of the sea urchin, living inside of a coral. Location info: I have taken this underwater photo during a scuba dive in Thailand last month.

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Unglaublich tolle Aufnahme mit den Farben und eine sehr hohe Bildqualität.

I really happpy when u see this picture. but I'm afraid to dive into the seabed 😢

It's a great job. I appreciate your work. Your picture is great. I would like to thank you very much for sharing the pictures with us.

I've eaten a couple in sushi restaurants but had no idea what they looked like 😲
GREAT snap Jonas!

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