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Theme: Releasing My Pain

Presentation conducted in Noosaville, Queensland, Australia on 8th June 2016 at 11:00am.

Jesus explains that once the facade is released pain is easy to identify and experience, and he outlines the methods to release pain, and gives general notes and guidelines for the release of pain through an emotional experience with God's help.

Topics include; what I need to have already done before I can release pain, how almost all people listening to Divine Truth are not at this point yet, my global terror and fear of pain has already been felt and released, I have already developed some faith in God's Way, my pain is now quite natural to identify and feel, how we are less sensitive to pain the more denial and addictions we have, God is already identifying the next most important sin based issue, methods to release pain, the relationship between each fear and the pain it covers, general notes about how to release pain, emotional experience, humility, tools for the release of pain, and longing for God's love every moment.

Series: Education In Love
Group: Developing My Loving Self
Session: Removing My Unloving Self
Presentation: 20160608-1100-AGP-JESUS Releasing My Pain

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Divine Truth Radio: http://radio.divinetruth.com
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00:00:43:16 Main Point: Introduction
00:01:51:05 Main Point: What I Need To Have Already Done
00:02:41:11 Sub-Point: I developed some faith in God's Way
00:03:54:06 Sub-Point: I have accepted my facade
00:05:02:16 Sub-Point: I have deconstructed my facade
00:06:48:13 Sub-Point: I have developed the tools of faith, truth, action and humility
00:07:49:01 Sub-Point: I have compassion for myself
00:08:12:12 Sub-Point: I have felt and released my 'global' terror and fear of pain
00:08:40:16 Sub-Point: I am now sensitive to all emotions
00:13:02:01 Sub-Point: I am now childlike.
00:16:55:06 Question Graham Bates: If I become child like what stops me from absorbing injuries again?
00:17:56:13 Question Peter Lytton-Hitchins: At what stage do we break our family emotional ties?
00:19:00:03 Question Arvarna Lowe: Will I become very sensitive to emotion when I become child like?
00:19:43:15 Question Arvarna Lowe: Will I be more expressive when I'm child like?
00:23:02:00 Question Amber Love: Do you become exhausted during deconstruction of facade?
00:24:35:06 Main Point: Methods To Release Pain
00:24:35:07 Sub-Point: How a Child Processes Emotion
00:31:54:06 Comment David Ryan: So the fear of each pain is the key to the door to feel the pain.
00:32:49:23 Question Laura Diaz: Why do your physical ailments increase during fear processing and release?
00:36:45:06 Question Page Willoughby: Is this what is happening to you lately?
00:38:48:03 Question Patty Matthews: Does the same physical pain loop happens when we in denial stage?
00:39:35:24 Comment Lani Reid: It seems this whole precess is impossible without faith in God.
00:42:19:18 Comment Phoebe Bruce: Comment about fear causing physical illness.
00:43:31:20 Question Sheridan Coy: Do we basically need to apply the same process to removing our facade?
00:45:10:10 Question Sandra Tuszynska: The pain that we feel at the moment is the pain of facade?
00:46:06:21 Question Sandra Tuszynska: Is our fear a facade at this stage?
00:50:05:01 Main Point: General Notes About How To Release Pain
00:50:34:06 Sub-Point: Emotional experience is the only way to release pain
00:52:52:13 Question Tara Yewdall: Can your feel grateful while processing emotion?
00:54:18:18 Sub-Point: Humility (the emotional experience)
00:56:57:10 Sub-Point: Deconstruct false beliefs and false definitions of love with God's Truth
00:58:49:23 Sub-Point: Changing the way we cope with physical ailments
01:01:13:22 Question Kerry Foley: Are most of the world's major ailments like cancer all in the facade stage?
01:02:07:16 Question Sheridan Coy: Why you get better when you change your diet?
01:03:43:12 Main Point: Involve God & Long For God's Love Every Moment
01:03:43:13 Sub-Point: God is always trying to show us the next step in our progression
01:04:53:18 Sub-Point: God's Laws for the redemption of humankind are helping us
01:06:47:13 Sub-Point: God cannot remove all of the effects of our sin immediately
01:10:44:24 Question Arvarna Lowe: Do I effect children emotionally even if they not mine?
01:11:41:18 Sub-Point: Sincere longing for God's Love brings results
01:14:24:10 Question Johnny Falk: If you are aware you have sinned should you spend your life making up for your sin?
01:20:52:18 Main Point: Conclusion

Theme: The Creation Of My Real Self

Presentation conducted in Noosaville, Queensland, Australia on 10th June 2016 at 11:30am.

Jesus examines the choice God made to create our soul which is our real self, what our condition was at the time of creation and incarnation, what God's creation of ourselves tells us, and summarizes our current undeveloped state.

Topics include; God's creation of my self, being the pinnacle of God's creation, the human soul, the physical and spiritual bodies, my condition at the time of incarnation, being undeveloped before incarnation, being unaware before incarnation, the lack of awareness of the soulmate and the resulting illusion of 'soulmate separation', what God's creation of my self means for my relationship with God, myself, the universe, and my development, my current state being largely undeveloped, and the attitudes of my pain and my facade towards my real self.

Series: Education In Love
Group: Developing My Loving Self
Session: Becoming My Loving Self
Presentation: 20160610-1130-AGP-JESUS The Creation Of My Real Self

Divine Truth Website: https://www.divinetruth.com
Divine Truth Radio: http://radio.divinetruth.com
Mary's Blog: http://mary.divinetruth.com
Send your questions to: faq@divinetruth.com

00:00:47:08 Main Point: Handling of Microphones
00:01:17:07 Main Point: Introduction
00:02:02:24 Main Point: God's Creation of My Self
00:02:36:02 Sub-Point: I am the pinnacle of God's Creation
00:09:59:07 Sub-Point: The process of incarnation
00:14:03:18 Sub-Point: Awareness of the soulmate
00:17:40:17 Question Amber Love: What does the soul looks like?
00:19:13:06 Question Amber Love: Do we reject our soulmates because we don't like ourselves?
00:19:48:11 Question Laura Tolli: Why in the first century you had your sins removed and Mary did not?
00:22:15:21 Question Fabio Tolli: Is it easier for other souls to follow Jesus steps?
00:23:14:19 Question Alex Mrnak: Why is it usually in the 5th sphere that spirits gain an awareness of their soulmate?
00:26:03:13 Question Alex Mrnak: Is this a process that be begin on earth?
00:33:48:15 Main Point: My Created Condition
00:33:48:16 Sub-Point: At the time of incarnation
00:40:54:15 Comment Cainan Davies: So the relationship with God educates us in Love.
00:42:18:16 Sub-Point: Awareness of my soulmate
00:46:06:13 Comment Amber Love: So most of us have no idea who we are.
00:46:43:02 Question Laura Tolli: Why is it important to share information about the soul now?
00:47:23:18 Main Point: My Current State
00:48:23:00 Sub-Point: Attitudes of the facade towards the real self
00:50:48:02 Comment Laura Tolli: So the truth helps us to be more open to working through our false condition.
00:52:29:17 Main Point: What God's Creation Of My Self Means
00:53:05:06 Sub-Point: For my relationship with God
00:57:12:21 Question Graham Sutherland: If we are wrong about who our soulmate is can that badly affect our progress?
00:57:35:04 Question Graham Sutherland: How is that different to not caring about who your soulmate is?
00:59:01:09 Question Spirit through Mary: Do I have to deconstruct all facade and release all pain before I develop my real self?
01:00:19:09 Question Spirit through Mary: Do I have to deconstruct facade and pain to develop an awareness of who my soulmate is?
01:01:24:07 Question Spirit through Mary: What if I cannot see the rose coloured soulmate cord?
01:03:01:21 Question Spirit through Mary: If someone I'm with now is assisting me to live in denial is that keeping me away from soulmate awareness?
01:04:20:07 Sub-Point: For my relationship with myself
01:05:25:22 Sub-Point: For my relationship with the universe
01:06:58:20 Sub-Point: For my development
01:09:45:07 Sub-Point: Deconstructing sin substantially assists awareness of our real self
01:11:34:02 Main Point: Conclusion

Divine Truth channel on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/WizardShak

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