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The BetTronLive protocol and platform underpin an entire decentralised gaming ecosystem that offers multiple benefits for a wide range of users. Not only do we want to bring the iGaming experience to the next level, but we also want to give players a new way to earn and play!

BetTronLive was created with the community in mind, hence we wanted to share revenues to our active and loyal players.


What is it?

  • FOMO Jackpot is not a game that you can just play and win. It is an all-or-nothing competition with other players to be the last one to place a bet.
  • It is an additional challenge for players with an appetite for high risk to bag more RAKE.
  • 5% of all generated revenue from our in-house games goes directly into the FOMO Jackpot in real-time!


How Does It Work?

The smart contract rules are set to a strict protocol of 5 minutes which is displayed in the FOMO Jackpot countdown. Once the timer hits zero, the last person in control of the timer wins.


  1. When a player places a bet of 300 TRX or more, that player will take control of the countdown, adding 10 seconds to the countdown clock in real-time (the timer will never go above 5 minutes, per the smart contract rule).
  2. When the timer hits zero, the last player to bet the minimum 300 TRX wins 60% of the FOMO Jackpot.
  3. There is no limit to how many times you can bet.
  4. Once the FOMO Jackpot has been won, another pot is filled and the cycle is repeated.


To ensure the success of the platform and continuous expansion of its userbase, BetTronLive will introduce a community Payday Pot that is set to withdraw every week. The Payday Pot is a bonus for all RAKE holders created from our weekly revenue.

There will also be a random release on occasion, depending on the algorithm. This will give RAKE token holders extra incentive to hold onto their tokens which will further drive its value.

BetTronLive gives more earning opportunities for RAKE holders, so make sure you are one of them so you can RAKE it all in!

BetTronLive offers you more ways to earn and play!

You play, and you earn RAKE through mining.

You watch ads, and you earn RAKE.

You hold onto RAKE, and you earn more RAKE!

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I love the fact that we still get the chance to earn as much as all we have stake in the program from betting. This is a great motivating factor for all the users. The FOMO Jackpot and the Payday Jackpot are the most exciting factors to look out for. User-awesome I should say!

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Great initiative of the team to make more ways on how players can engage the platform and win! Just awesome!

This "fomo" made me feel the adrenaline of betting all for once. Omoo! Sooo excited for the launching of this project!

Yes "Fomo" is an additional challenge to all players to gain more rake token in the future. It adds to my excitement for the platform !!!

A chance to earn more while you get to enjoy playing their games. BetTronLive really has never ending opportunities for their community.

Another exciting game coming from the developers of the platform. I am not too familiar with the mechanics of the game but looks like fun. I can't wait to try it out!

this makes @betttronlive aounds more exciting , can't wait to hear and see more surprises on its launch day!

This is such a good platform for everybody.

Wow, another benefits of being a RAKE holder. #BetTronLive gives more excitement everyday.

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Wow.. Awesome to try. Win or lose i can get rake tokens. Best and awesome project. Well done..

These pots makes the game more engaging! Great initiative team!

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. .wow thats an awesome prize Rake

This feature will make sure that the rewards pot is always full! Great job devs!

One of the best features of the site.

This feature will be your main strength 😊

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