HODL and Distract Your Mind from CryptoSpace - READ & LISTEN!

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On day's like this - Cryptos down the drain - We shall HODL and when we have some BTC somewhere, we shall buy some coins now they are cheap. But don't think too much; Buy some A-coins and buy some B/C/D-coins (the later for the higher gains). After that, don't watch your coins coming days, just let the market settle.

We NEED distraction NOW

How better to get this distraction than with some GOOD MUSIC! Music that may require some more attention from you getting even more braincells involved and diverting them away from cryptospace!

Autechre came to Mind Immediately

Why Autechre?

They simply create fantastic music! And for sure they can take your mind off other things including cryptospace!

To make it a bit easier for today, I'll not share their experimental works, but I'll share with you a disco-ish set they recorded two years ago for the Dutch based Dekmantel label and promoter. This one has more positive and happy sounds then what they usually do. Plus, the recording is more than 4 hours, so it'll not only take you an a long journey, but it moves you away from cryptospace a long time as well.

And in a bit more than 4 hours, when the recording comes to an end, just hit the play button again (or set repeat). You can also check out some of the music posted in my FEED. Another tip when you dont like my FEED, simply go to Soundcloud and start discovering music there! :)

Enjoy the Distraction!

Artist: Autechre
Set: Dekmantel Podcast 035
Year: 2015
Country: UK







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Thanks for the distraction. I can rely on you.

You're Welcome :) In good times AND in bad times, I'' ll be there with ore MUSIC :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

That's an interesting listen! :)

This is really freaky music, but ... I like freaky music ;D

agreed if your hodler, distract yourself. Last thing you want is some itchy trading fingers!

This may feel bad, but if you also make some bad trades at some bad times, you will feel 10x worse (been there)

Been there as well :)

Tanks bro really do need some distraction now because it not looking funny and music is really a place i need to visit
Tanks for the insight

Enjoy what you hear, and dont look at what you see :)

Okay I'm distracted!! Like the sound, the end part of the song sound middle eastern ish, great composition.

Really? Is middle eastern ish sound like that electronic and experimental?

I would love to visit there. Great article!

What you like to visit?


Then do it? :)

very impressive, is it so? I am looking forward to what you will offer next bro

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What is impressive? Please don't use same comments over and over again. Know that there are Steemians checking you out, and everything is open for us to see and your Comment FEED doesn't look very dynamic.

okay forgive my mistake, i will not repeat it again sir