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So I recently had the extreme pleasure to stand in line for several hours to ride the Avatar ride at Disney World. The official name of the ride is 'Avatar Flight of Passage' or something, but let's just call it the Avatar ride, yes?

Although the ride itself was only like 4 or 5 minutes long, it was well worth it. That said, I have no pics of the ride itself, since I was very much strapped into my riding saddle thingy and pictures of the ride are probably illegal anyway and I'd get sent to Disney jail.

Nobody wants to get sent to Disney jail.

The World of Avatar (all the stuff you get to look at while you stand in line) is actually pretty awesome on its own. They did a great job with the set. You don't even notice how everything is fake. Or at least you don't notice it much.

The initial rock formation you get to see is impressive. You don't get an idea of the scale here, but it's...massive. I tried to avoid getting people in the photos, since nobody wants to see people.

There are cool plants and interesting formations all over. One of Disney's tricks is that they like to size things to make them look huge and distant. The golden arches of 'stone' here are made to look like they're gigantic and far away, but they're actually relatively small and pretty close (use the small blue-shirted human for scale).

A better view of the Tan Arches. I think everything in this photo is fake. I'm pretty sure the water is fake. Even the sky might be fake.

This place would be even more awesome if weren't for all the humans wandering around.

This gives you an idea of the size of the massive fake-rock formation from the first pic; standing under it gives you a real feeling of the bulk of it. It's probably all made of styrofoam, but it's still pretty impressive.

Anyway, after standing in line for hours, we are finally allowed inside the fake mountain. We pass through a lot of cool looking airlock doors and some sciency looking things. The doors themselves are made of high-grade, fire-retardant...plastic. Very safe. Hope nothing catches on fire, or these lines will become a river of molten plastic and people flesh.
Here we have the body of someone who waited in line a little too long. They stuck him in a jar so they can do science things to him.

All in all, the ride was amazing and the standing in line was not so terrible. I'm just glad I didn't have to pee. There are no bathrooms in the line, but there were a lot of cup-shaped fake flowers that might be pretty inviting as an alternative to urinating on myself.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

Offering this up as a mild Comedy Open Mic 16 entry, and nomming @allforthegood and @bluerthangreen to maybe assemble something slightly funny as well.

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At least the human in the glass thingy was real.

It was, actually. It was an actual human inside a glass tube.

OK, you made me laugh... Good on 'ya.



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Negativer ... I think we are all already in Disney jail ... purgatory at least. Haha. Thank good for no plastic lava:):):) Entertaining post for me ... seeing how the other half lives:) Those who stand in lines versus those who come back later:)

Even the rich have to stand in line sometimes. It's the great equalizer :)

Nah, the truly rich rent the whole park for the evening...

I think that last one is someone who's in Disney jail.

Oh fark. That might be Disney jail. I've never seen it before...but I think you're right.

I love it XD The photos are well-captioned :P

Ha, thanks. The pictures aren't funny without the captions. Thanks for reading :)

it really looks amazing...its a pity its far far away from my country....the experience seems to me awesome ..the whole park seems worth visiting it!!!

It's worth a visit at least once, if you can afford it!

The fake sky looks so real.. I'm impressed

Aye, they did a good job with it!

Sounds amazing! We go to Disneyland, but we're hoping to get to Disneyworld in a few years. I'll be excited to finally see this place in person! :)