The disease of the liters of water does not satisfy thirst!

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 Thirst' is a disease name, liter liter is not thirsty in the water! Worried doctors

What is such a disease, when it does not satisfy water? Humans became lethal! The life of Germany's Mark Ubben Hörst has become such. A rare disease is Mark. There is no cure for his efforts. Two hours of big emphasis can be made to sleep throughout the day. Book breaks!

The name of the 36-year-old Marc's Diabetes Diabetes Incipida After drinking water he got urine. The body can not hold water! So he has to save 20 liters of water a day!

But even if it is consumed by excessive amounts of water, it may also come from this trend. Doctors say that if excess water is in the body, the brain may be affected. Or excessive sodium level decreases in the body overnight can cause great danger.

Marc has spent a night in a thirsty trap. How to get rid of this danger, he does not know. So a physician is visiting the doctor's doorst 

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yes it is veree good post


Worried doctors, thanks for upvote