03292018 Jeanette S. Hall Journal Entry

in disease •  8 months ago

Am dreading my yearly M.R.I. scan that takes place this coming Wednesday. Been having nightmares since last week already. Face it, we know that I have multiple sclerosis. There is NO CURE!! Why do I have to be forced through this test at a minimum of every year? Just torture me and get it over with already!

A waste of both mine and the insurance company's money. No point in my opinion! Am having trouble controlling my fingers as I try to type because they are shaking so bad with fear.

Have been confined to a wheelchair since 2005. Haven't worked since then either. The two are definitely related!

Miss my friends from when we lived in Colorado for 7 glorious years. We left there back near the end of 2004.

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Hi Jeanette,
Why did you leave Colorado? So very sorry you are having health struggles. I will hold good thoughts for you. Good luck with your MRI.


My husband hated it. Too many geeks like me, I guess.