Some Days I Want To Buy Voting Power...

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As an End-User I would like to buy Voting Power so I can continue to vote after I have depleted my voting power.

Yesterday I made a post that got a lot of engagement and activity, but my actions on Steem are limited by my Voting Power.  There are certain days I would like to top off my Voting Power, so I can continue to vote.

I wish someone would build a bot that allowed me to actually transfer their voting power to mine.  Picture a game where you can buy Life or Mana.  

I would like to send liquid Steem, other cryptos, or even fiat to an application that would transfer voting power from those willing to sell it directly to my voting power.

I know, I know, I can buy votes for others using the bots and I have done that, but it is inconvenient vs just purchasing a refill.

  1. I could buy more Steem, but it wouldn't help me in this moment, because my voting power would still be this low.
  2. I can buy votes, but it is annoying to have to view the bidbots, understand their rules and enter the links.
  3. Even if I purchased a delegation, the new Steem would be impacted by my current VP.

I realize there are workarounds to this issue, but I am just saying if I could refill my voting power today I would.

What do you guys think is this possible?  In the background what would have to happen, is actual voting power would have to be transfered.

Let's talk about it in the comments, but I don't have any voting power to upvote your thoughts.  :(



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Just curious, you mention some workarounds to this issue, what do you mean by that?


I mean buying votes. But it is a pain.


Okay, thanks👍

It doesn’t affect a post per se, but you can “tip” an author and mention the URL of the post you liked in the memo.

Granted, not as effective as an upvote since you’re having no impact on their reputation number as a vote would.

But yeah, if my VP drops too low, I’m loathe to vote at all. Voting at a lower percentage than you would otherwise is the current least bad option.

I think @steem-bounty helps a bit with this problem. You need to place a bounty on your post by sending any amount of Steem or SBD and it will be shared among real comment authors.

Also, maybe we can have some accounts capable of renting out their posting key for such purposes.

Cool idea. My workaround is getting delegations. It's nice that my vote normally counts now. :)

Well, that's kind of what a steem power delegation is, but of course the problem is that it takes days to pull back the delegation. At one time, you could rent 30 or 90 day delegations from @blocktrades, but I haven't checked on that recently.

Another option would be for someone to create a slew of accounts like dvote1, dvote2, ..., dvoteN, and rent out the posting keys for a period of time. They'd have to set their rates high enough to make up for the recharging period after you give the keys back, though, so that's basically the same thing.

Third option, a paid service that adds their bot to your voting trail for a specified period of time. You vote at 1% and the bot follows along and votes after you at an agreed percentage. The recharge time still applies, though.

Seems like you'd have to pay crazy-high prices or buy for something like 10 days at a minimum for it to be worthwhile for the seller.

I'm not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but have you heard of ? You can use it to lease SP delegations, which will increase your voting power.


But her voting power will still not be replenished right?

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Voting power will recharge by 20% each day. Currently, if you have 1,000 SP and are at 20% voting power, and receive 9,000 delegated SP, you will still be at 20% voting power but with 10,000 SP - which will give you a lot more strength.

After hardfork 20, it will be a lot more intuitive in that the delegated voting power you receive will come "fully charged". After HF20, if you have 1,000 SP and are at 20% voting power, and receive 9,000 delegated SP, you'll be somewhere around 92% voting power. (It will also be called "voting mana" instead of voting power.)


Ah ok thanks

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That is actually a hell of an idea...

I mean, most phone apps allow you to refill certain bars or lives or something for a small premium... Why not STEEM?

It's better build a manual bot for your works! It will cost only 15 STEEM and it might be get as 15 SP to that account!
Then delegate to him, and ask others to do the same! (If they have spare SP)
You can continue with your existing (Better keep 500 SP) SP and that bot can be use as vote for those posts and resteem others action! In that way you can avoid lots of resteems at your timeline as well!
It's better not to buy SP at this moment! Coz with this price range, you have to pump huge to get less! So better wait and ask help from the community to power up the bot who can be used to build a better future for STEEM!


It would be interesting to see something like that, but I think something like that should come from the same platform, it would be the most practical. Steemit should allow doing that. If Steemit as a platform covers the demand that are currently being met by the bots, the price of Steem would be a little higher.

If you are sick, this is the signal of your body, something wrong, maybe need a little pause and recreation :)

If you dont have enough voting power... You know ;)

This is innovative idea . i am convinced that one day this dream will become a reality because i trust developers in our midst , they can do it .surely ! They can

Since I’m stuck with 100% upvotes, I just try to be as judicious as possible with my upvote, as well as spreading them to others of my rep or lower. I try and make up for the lack of upvotes to everyone else (like you!) through thoughtful comments, following them, or even a resteem.

I guess it never occurred to me that you would refill the VP, but it makes total sense why you’d want to.

As Tim says below I think minnowbooster would do you!

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A very interesting idea! It probably won't be long before a dev starts working on an app. Heck, if people buy more lives for CandyCrush, why wouldn't people buy voting power for Steemit?

It's 100% possible until September 25th when Hardfork 20 comes out. Just delegate all of your voting power to your alt account. Once that account depletes its voting power then remove your delegation.

I've thought about the exact same thing a couple of times. Good idea.


Yeah, I don't know how hard it would be from the backend, but I can dream.

Hello dear @whatsup I do not know much about how this ocean moves, I'm learning little by little as I have fun. Sincerely, I would like to know more in order to make things better. But what I can tell you, is that I see in you a person who likes to move things, depending on the good of an entire community, that attitude will leave you the best reward and is sincere followers who follow you. and all this becomes a transfer but of positive energy to continue working in this great world of finance.
The truth, I am still trying to understand this topic, how to swim in this immense ocean, but in the meantime, I am grateful to have known you.
Great successes for you and soon everything can improve.
Good vibes.

I will turn on with the response of your comments, very good. Congratulations to the replies, super interesting.


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Lol when possible concider me in

Me too 😊

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Sometime even i wish but i don't want to follow that way

Lol hope someone makes an app for the issue ;)