What are some YouTube documentaries you’ve enjoyed?

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Since nothing else has worked, In an attempt to clear the brutal congestion from my head, I spent 3 hours drinking tea and hot water and doing simple exercises in order to sweat as much as possible. It wasn’t actually quite effective. To pass the time and get my mind off the water dripping from my body, I watched a few episodes of vice. I’d like to get away from vice though and see what else is out there.

So are there any topcis which you know a fair bit about and have a nice free documentary to offer? Communities, subcultures, lifestyles, Unschooling, indigenous groups, local issues, all sound pretty good to me.

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Here ya go: a show where an Irish speaker in Ireland tries to get by without ever speaking English. It's sad and interesting:


This is really interesting, I will watch it in the next few days. I didn't realize we have that language thing in common :-D


Well @phoenixwren, I've found this documentary very interesting and I liked it a lot for varied and multiple reasons. I enjoyed it big time. :)

How to feel yourself as a foreigner and complete stranger in your own homeland. ¡Wadda hell!

Definitely, we gotta learn some indigenous & vernacular Irish and go to the core of Dublin to swear the hell out with a wide smile to all and each one of those ma'fuckers around us who'd understand nil about how pissing friendly we are. LoL

Oh! and that snippet of the classic song 'One' in it. One of my all times fav tunes by the way. I guess once we learn some native Irish, we should have this other next as background music while we nicely swear over there gently reminding them about their mothers too. };)


Definitely, we gotta learn some indigenous & vernacular Irish and go to the core of Dublin to swear the hell out with a wide smile to all and each one of those ma'fuckers around us who'd understand nil about how pissing friendly we are. LoL

Ha! The only swear in Irish I know is "kiss my ass" - pog ma hon, though I might be misspelling it. Irish spelling is like playing word scramble to me. XD


Perfect! then 'pog ma hon' it is. All the way along, until you teach me a couple more. :)

Hi there buddy,

This 8 part series was recommended to me by @paradigmprospect and is among the most bingewatch-y material that I've ever set my eyes on:


This is the next on my list! Shit, I need to catch up with him!


That's what I always think whenever I am reminded of his blog again. A prolific guy with intrigueing content.


Great documentary @vincentnijman. 👌 :)

"Freedom without resources to live is not good to anybody"

I believe, a much mandatory trip and needed journey for everyone to understand better what's going on and what's the true reality thru underdeveloped and developing countries across Africa same as in other places.

Yeah! a much mandatory journey most people should do. Well, if anything, through a safer and cool documentary like this at least. LoL

Thanks for sharing it. :)

Here are a few that I really like that are available on YT:

  • Occupied Cascadia (Focuses on the intersection of environmentalism, anarchism, and anti-colonialism. POWERFUL pieces on stories & mythology as well)
  • Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (By far the best of the Zeitgeist movies, and most folks' introduction to humans as a bio-psycho-social creature)
  • If a Tree Falls: Story of the ELF (If you haven't heard of the Earth Liberation Front and what happened to them, you really must watch this!)
  • Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (Metaphysics, the intersection of various spiritual teachings, sacred geometry, and more)
  • Billions in Change (Pretty epic example of conscious capitalism)
  • Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land (Disney from the 40s, really mindblowing stuff. Not a documentary, but framed as an educational video for sure)

Nice variety here! Donald Duck! Wasn't expecting that but it was nice, especially the middle. I watched half of the Zeitgeist one already. I had recently watched an interview with Peter Joseph and what he seemed to be focused on was so different from the first Zeitgeist documentary I watched years ago, but with the one you shared here I can kind of understand the thought process behind the evolution of this movement which I have yet to really delve into. I am not sure how I feel about all the conclusions he makes but I feel good intentions and potential behind his work and the community that has formed around it.

I will get around to the others! I am back in creative mode today but when I take a break I'm going to binge watch again!

yes a will newer do this but it was interesting. a don't much of it but its a subcultures for sure.
specially in the USA and Canada.


but a do now a lot of burning man

There is so many documentaries and interesting subjects now on youtube that its hard to narrow it down to a few subjects. Sometimes I find myself in almost a stream of conciousness going from topic to topic.

"The Fourth Estate - The First 100 Days"
Four episodes.

After those:
Copyright Criminals

Meet the British Hacker Lauri Love fighting for his life

Every single documentary from Louis Theroux. Unfortunately those are not available in YouTube, not as whole anyway, but check out the shorter clips.

The Animated History of Finland

Hmmm... accurate enough.

And last but not least, short documentaries of a Native American, penguin and a rabbit. ;D

Hey! Hi there my esteemed @whatamidoing. :)

I don't know why but I think you'll enjoy a couple of entertaining and pretty known documentaries for this weekend. Yeah, they are a bit old by now and prolly you've seen them already. But since you are the guy of The Deadpost Initiative, I guess you won't mind watching them again. };)

First, as an introduccion to the subject and for a good laugh at least: Religulous.

And if you want dig deeper into the matter: The Four Horseman


To be honest, my latest outub journeys were pianomusic for hours, how to fix my bike, and how to install ikea furniture :DDDDD

But I know Anthony Bourdain has nice series on there about food and travel, which I really like!