All things considered, on the off chance that I am genuine devotee to the capability of Steemit, i would likely realize that I am in this for the long run. Regardless of whether it rises or plunges today, i will remain dedicated to the stage and my wallet.

Yeah, minnows should be given much attention so that the will have a sense of belonging and be proud to introduce this wonderful platform to others

''Continue Posting'', One of the counsel I would provide for some individuals who asked me whether they should hold up till STEEM/SBD rises. Many are dishearten at the the lowered voting value comparing to what it was a few weeks back. I would state, remain consistent in posting QUALITY posts.

''Best-Time-to-Invest''. Those that have additional cash and are considering investing, why not put into STEEM? On the off chance that you have confidence and have perused up the dreams of @ned& @dan(The creators) and understood the POTENTIAL of Steemit, you would realize that this plunge would not last.

Yea, practically simply endure the winter, I can't anticipate to what extent the rates will be at 2 USD, however I do realize that it will rise in light of the fact that Steemit has got so much potential thus numerous plans yet to be executed.

As long we keep on engaging, Building and Supporting the Steemit environment, we will see the radiance days again one day and presumably a significantly more magnificent one. Till that point, let sit tight, get a cuppa coffee and keep posting. Consistency in the key

Consistency has definitely taken a hit. I know couple of regular bloggers who have reduced their frequency of blogs. Many of them are not even engaging with the followers in the comments section. In general I have also seen a drop in the upvotes provided on the comments. This is definitely a bad patch and hope we get over it quickly. $1.52 is a very bad value for Steem.

low price of steem and sbd as been a major discouragement due to A fact of reduced steem power of most whales. Giving good article and no reward to show for it. But still am in the race of standing and upholding the community. FOR BETTER AND FOR WORST