What i learnt from the Haejin wars

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Hi to all and happy new year to every STEEMian reading me ...and to those who wont too :)

I have been thinking a lot about finding something to learn from this whole incident.
And my conclusion is that we need a better notifications system...

This sounds crazy, but it actually comes from the realization that what failed here were proper communication lines between the parties, which became a downward spiral of missunderstanding about the use of flags and what was actually happening.

Some are getting directly hit in the cross fire, the whole platform image is being damaged by the drama and the increased missunderstanidng of what is happenning.

I don't want to get in the detail, lets forget names, wallets and actors for the sake of this lesson...

The good:

  • A user is bringing interest in the platform in what seems an honest way, and has been doing it for a while.
    This speaks well of the person.

  • He has kept the same style (a little more worked yes) steadly for a few months even when his payouts were in the 15$ range.

  • He creates tutorials to transfer the basics of his know how.

  • He brings followers to read his stuff in the block-chain.

So far i would define him as someone who is bringing value and creating sustainable growth.

The Bad:

  • Someone starts irresponsibly voting his articles and creating a suction of the rewards pool towards a single user.

    If this SP was dormant before at least it woke up, If it is new SP holder maybe he needs a better explanation of how this works.

    Why we automatically assume that this is been done by selfishness ?

  • Ok the user seeing the payouts, increased posting frequency.
    (At the same time the market was turbulent, BTC was entering the correction, maybe he felt his duty was to profit from this railfall and share a bunch of quick safe positions to deal with the storm... )

I am sure many took benefits from that (I am not one of them!) I read thought his Elliot waves posts to see what his technique was because i know of a fan of him who is on the way to the lambo
...Anyway I digress as usual.

Now lets imagine that all this happened

And we had better ways to communicate between steemians.

What if, someone had been able to tell privately both the poster, and the voter that what they were doing was not ok, to use it with moderation.

To the Voter:
Don't vote blindly every-post your friend publish at 100%, also share the love, don't just vote your friends, give to the community, share is for everyone and your investment will grow the more users adopt, and stay in the platform.

You can help by using your SP curating or following the vote of many of the curation groups that are tending to the small users that are tomorrow's guides for the flood of mass adoption.

If you concentrate it around you and your friends, then you are hurting you long term investment!

To the poster:
You were doing great, and finally succeeded you are an example that dedication pays off!

However don't take it all for you, remember to leave for others.
Thank your big mecenas, and ask him to think about sharing too.
Or propose to use part of the massive potential rewards you are taking to give back to the community.
There are projects that struggle to survive out there and have future and ideas!

I don't know if this kind of clarification is suited to be given publicly i think everyone would be more comfortable to start this kind of discussion privately, and eventually reach a friendly agreement and move on.

That is the art of diplomacy, the FLAG wars you are more victorious is the one that you avoided and created a win/win, no drama solution.

In any case the feeling i have is that if we manage to express our disagreement in a positive way, much of the drama can be avoided.

I suffer to see all the VP wasted flagging and unflagging when i know there is people desperately looking for SP to support their positive projects.

Maybe next time we can try a civil approach to the Offenders initially and see where it takes us from there!

If you don't have time, drop me a DM on STEEMit.chat the same username as here, i will do it for you.

Lets work together making this place a safe home for everyone, lets use our SP in a positive way encouraging the good behavior and the individual projects to build communities and help retention.

Lets spare us all from the drama of the flags wars, it stains the platform image.

If you don't, well next time you try to flag reason into a user, leave at least partial rewards.

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What I learnt is that Steemit's 'user moderation' system just doesn't work. It just represents human nature on a smaller level, factions are created, wars are waged... You get the point. I think it's great to try and believe that people can really moderate this platform in a fair and equal way, but the Steem Power instantly removes that element of fair. Steemit needs some form of moderation.

Months ago there was a child porn problem, there's an ongoing copyright/piracy problem, there's flagging wars. The child porn by itself is enough to get this site shutdown. But what are people flagging? Oh, they're having wars instead. I do agree that the flagging is needed sometimes, and maybe in this case it was, but isn't it better to rid the platform of these bigger problems first? Oh... You can't, because you can't delete anything on the blockchain. Steemit needs some fixes. My suggestions would be:

  1. A maximum post payout.
  2. limited flags/votes each day (I'm not sure about this one).
  3. Content needs to be able to be deleted. This one is for certain.

No entendí NADA. Aún sigo intentando comprender el submundo que al parecer endemoniadamente subyace en STEEMIT.


Esto a veces es agata cristie con delia fiallo como es que se llamaba la novela aquella que la caraja se quedaba ciega sorda mocha boba, nacia rica pobre... Topacio No era ?

Asi es esta vaina a veces...

Yo me la vacilo

I find that there is a good thing about this whole war of flags: the need of a greater amount of Steem Power for the people involved in it so it may lead to an increase in the price of Steem.


no no no.... it might be good for the next 3 days.. and hurt steem for the next 3 years


This is very true, a lot of negative effects it brings to the platform, I've liked your reaction :))