Whole Situation So Sad, So Very Sad The State of US- InJustice, Terror, Poverty and Economic Stag-Nation

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The State of US- InJustice, Terror, Poverty and Economic Stag-Nation

Here we are waiting for history still, even though it has already arrived. Many 'created' disasters already diverted and averted, nuclear NK, Syrian disaster terminated, Hollywood evil is burning, 'Congressional Slushfunds' blown up, Armenians dancing in the streets, light shown on rogue agents plotting regime changes round the world, failures to accept elections, TREASON, Rigged Elections that failed [HRC], stand-downs and my favorite- votes of no-confidence [Isreal].

Life is this way- usually we do not wake up before new reality is already upon us. We can expect nothing less than this from a Congress-as Congress is to society- not unlike the steering room on the Titanic with we the people on the deck in the storm screaming our now dystopic will. The potus have waited forever for their "elite" to grow-up and now because of the repugnancy of secretive power systems, because absolute power corrupts absolutely- society will have a hell storm of backed up changes cast upon them to navigate #TheStorm.

The old systems is going boom. Many, many power abusers are being exposed, formerly respected and in a world with so few true examples of roles, responsibility, wisdom and example, some people living as sheep, looking up to people other than God, will be devastated by the #Truth. So much damaging brainwashing having been done to the public we can only thank God for not having orgies in the streets. Something that actually at one point in my life, I thought might be a good thing (freelove). However upon further witness the depravity I have discovered within the American left, a depravity that transcends party, race and religion has me sickened. I Pray several times a day now. I pray for truth, for the light to dispel the dark. It is the only creative way forward outside of the sick 'totalitarian' dystopia that we were all headed.

Thank heavens for #MAGA and #Trump

My faith in God and order and our purpose on Earth- creating heaven, for all peoples has never before been stronger.

Learning of the evil crimes of our so-called people in 'power' (True Power Has No Use For Evil); celebrities, *sic leaders, dignitaries, whales of our society proves the need for faith better than anything else.

I used to not believe in walls and yet I have skin and a head. The US should not police the world while stealing the wealth of the people to do it. It is the same in an aircraft emergency put on your mask first. America needs to be first. America need to unite. America needs to stand and recreate lost integrity. Again the leadership I have witnessed is hard for me to see through years of disappointment, years of being totally bullshitted. We all have. So thankful for the business man of God in DC. It is truly a new day for the world. We all must support America and take care of each other as i believe Trump is trying to do to make this upcoming storm as smooth sailing as possible. We have enemies within attempting to tear America apart. We must spread our values, our red line in the sand of these things we hold dear. I call for the return of equal justice and the peace found within. This is something I see in the many EO's and other actions coming from Trump.

My entire life was illusions of 'just' supremacy, honor wins and meritocracy. Surely some pollyannish-ness fits in there somewhere as well. I believe the programming in media of secret cabal pervasive and the cause of discontent and disorder in our lives. I know this influenced my youthful rebelliousness.

So now we want to know, to be reminded of what is the source of order in the chaos. Philosophically and simply chaos washes order (within a conservation framework) and order refrains chaos. Correctly genderized - order is alpha-masculinity-stoic electro/wave while 'chaos' is an ever-yielding-magnetic field feminine energy. We have the best balance of these energies currently in our WH. I look forward to our first day of National prayer with our Whitehouse.

Entering the future takes courage and we've had cowards holding us back for over 50 years. We need to finish exposing the cowards and let our alpha POTUS and omega FLOTUS steer us back on track. Never have I had as much confidence and gratitude for our elected ones. Please unite people, rise up in confidence and compassion and demand a just, free world.

Issue: So how does the world react when it receives confirmation that the worlds greatest 'superpower' -humanity 'knows' to date is at war with itself? And worse it's economic status is being challenged and which is the basis of global commerce?

Roll out the new system is all I have to say! End the monopoly on money- 'legal tender' laws.

And the propaganda machine that is 'our' MSM, what can we say about our adversary whose stories are always to incite division, war destruction. Pure evil, confusion and obfuscation agendas designed to destroy peace. Do I have to mention 'gender fluidity' and other such injections into society designed to tear the fabric of such to make my point.

Trump successes.jpg

I think it is justice and disclosure time and We the people with few ready for truth, will have to rise up to be what the rest need to help us all through this accelerated change coming, together. WWG1WGA Where we go 1 we go all.

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