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I am NOT getting pulled into BS on STEEM WTF
I like the rest of you have no time for this..

Flagging and downvoting should be both available- AND for flagging, require identifying a valid reason.

Invalid/misinformed/brainwashed/ignorant/political 'voting' is too important and valuable to be able to just be tossed around. Do we want to wrapped up in controversy on STEEM?

Certain things like a flagging, which is the equivalent of a complaint only taint, ruin, destroy.

Freedom and even 'freespeech' requires a level of responsibility and explanation.

We are not isolated pods. What we do affects others and ironically ourselves.

Do unto to other as you would have them do unto you... Is a truism of our existence in the now.

Complaints should never be voiced alone without suggested solutions.

End victim mentality.

Thanks for your thoughts


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Sounds good to me

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