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Well not that one exactly.

My wife's phone died. She had an IPhone Five. So did I, we'd got them both at the same time. A few years ago. She wore hers OUT. Mine was barely used. Fresh as a daisy. Sometimes it went days without use.

BUT...we were on a 'family plan' (mutter-mutter), or perhaps I misunderstood the reason WHY
I got a new phone..

Dot( my wife) turned here old wore out, run down, used up IPhone in...and got another one. EyePhone Seven I think...or maybe it was eight. Looked the same to me. Another piece of fragile circuitry. She paid a hefty fee for the phone..then MORE for a case to protect it.

Oh well.

My phone is different.

Lemme 'splain.

The nice salesman (from London England...smart young man)...asked me what I wanted. I told him that I definitely did NOT want anything made by Apple. He looked smug

"wise man" he said "I think apple is highly over rated. Very expensive too".

"I also don't want a touch screen" I said.

His face fell. He looked a bit panicky when he said

"excuse me a minute. I don't know if they still make phone like that.

Shortly he came back...opened a drawer and said.

"Here you go. If you don't want to use it as a phone. Use it as a weapon. Behold The Indestructable PHONE!"

Kyocara DuraXV LTE

The specifications are impressive.

Reinforced housing, IP68 dustproof and waterproof, and Military Standard 810G protection for dust, shock, drop, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, low pressure, solar radiation, salt, fog, humidity and immersion for up to 30 minutes in up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) of water

I dunno about using it as a weapon but appears that the salesman wasn't lying. It looks to be damn near indestructible from normal usage. Then again. I could close my fist around it and punch someone with it. At least as good as a roll of quarters ...so may it COULD be used as a weapon.

OR...when challenged...I could flip phone open and use it (to call 911)

When's the last time you've seen anyone use a flip-phone? Probably die laughing.

Don't. Care.
It's a phone.
I get on average one phone call a day
"Honey I'm on my way HOME" (my wife works)
none on here days off, obviously.
(five calls a week...two or three minute duration)

I don't make calls myself, nor do I answer any CallerID that I don't recognize.
(I have five people on my contact list...all family)

So...I got a phone that will do what I want it to. Be pretty and collect dust...and talk on once a day.

and an old one, good as new, in a perfectly good Otter Box Protective Case

That my son said that he could SELL...and probably make enough money too....(ahem)...........the mind boggles!

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That Kyocera in the pic above is the exact phone I get as my work phone. I love the fuck out of it. I'm going to try and get one to replace my old blackberry! Good shit. ;)


I never have 'loved' a phone before...at best I tolerated them.
It'd be great to finally have something worthwhile.


As long as it's not a "smartphone" I'll tolerate it as well. They do come in handy!

That's sweet, I held on to my phone with buttons as long as I could. A moto SLVR I had for like a decade, the same phone the CIA used to use. Then they shut down the 2g network and gave me a free smart phone, that needs to be replaced about every 6 months when I drop it, I got a case for the newest one, we'll see if it makes it able to survive a drop. I dropped the SLVR thousands of times and it was fine!


the term 'improved it until it was useless ' comes to mind
and 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

I hung on to Analog with bleeding fingernails.....until it went away.
All digital now.


those phones didn't work well at all, some people were buying less than one a decade, these new phones are much better, they can sell you a new one every six months!


for some values of 'success' that would be correct.


If you were to produce a very popular product that required no replacement parts and lasted a long time you would be out of business in no time. Like the George Foreman grill, everyone bought one and then that was it, no one needs more than one Foreman grill.


provided ANOTHER product...develop a reputation for building things that LAST.
No planned obsolescene here!...
using that reputation expand your market..and up the price.

kinda like Rolls Royce or Glenvidich. whisky.


=no, their whiskey is a rare and consumable commodity and Rolls Royce's require a fortune in maintenance and parts, that's a great business model. Also theirs is a limited edition. Whiskey is not a durable good. You can probably buy a new Foreman grill but they are not doing even a little of the volume they did at one time.

I still use a flip phone. Still works after laying in a puddle overnight. Looks like this one.


I was on Verizon for years paying $80/month for my wife and I. Then I switched to Tracfone. Tracfone uses the Verizon tower network. In MIchigan its the best coverage. We pay in advance, but it reduced our monthly cost to an average of $30 per month. Then I went to a smart phone and my wife followed a few years later. Now we both buy 1500 minutes and 2 GB of data with more text messages than we will ever use and now pay a total for the two of us of $20/month. The phones (Samsung Galaxy's) were $30 for mine as a refurbished and $40 for hers brand new. The only thing that Tracfone doesn't support right now that I would like is video calls.


I think we're paying $11 a month...each (family plan)
or maybe that's just for the new phone(s).
I dunno.


Good rate! I'd say you're good!

No need for an electronic leash. You did the right thing, Everitt. Bravo!


Now that’s a PHONE!!



My phone also remain fresh new as I do not use it at all, like you said one call from time to time. I like to try new Google play apps just for fun to see them in action but my primary 'drive' is either a PC or laptop.
I have a few old phones stashed and they are all in function, no touch screen or other nuisance.