Comment Chain Contest; 10SBD Bounty Giveaway.

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In the spirit of giving and keeping consistency on steemit,
I welcome everyone to this episode of my contest/giveaway.


Here begins my contest/giveaway series for the second quarter.

As I stated in my update post, the giveaway has its aims, which are:
◾Having fun while steeming
◾Ensuring Consistency on steemit
◾Rewarding/encouraging Interactions, ideas and creativity.
◾Appreciating and spreading the importance in the act of giving.

This is because, steemit should be fun and an addiction you can't do without.

This contest is an idea from @neebootoo.

"A comment chain contest."

It means only the first person to comment is allowed to reply to the post directly, others subsequent comments come under a previous comment(as a reply) until the contest is announced closed.

Sounds interesting to me.

Lets get started:

How to participate:

REPLY to a previous comment(means your comment must be under the last comment on the chain).


◾Entry(comment) must not exceed 50 words.
◾Entry must be related to topic of discussion
◾Entry outside the chain is considered invalid

Entry/Winning Criteria:

◾Must be my follower
◾There must be consistency on your blog.
◾No restrictions to reputation:

Who Wins?

There will be a random selection of numbers from the entry chain. You are a winner if your entry falls on that number.
Note that, selection of number will be based on quality of content and contest rule/entry requirements.

Winning Prize:

A total of 10sbd is up for grabs. 2 winners with 5sbd each.

Topic of Discussion:

With the present low payout due to the drop in the price of steem and sbd, how do you feel about consistency on steemit?

I am very excited with the topic of discussion. I am tempted to put in an entry(don't worry, it won't count), Just to share my opinion.

Get in here and get the fun started. Make steemit a fun place to be.

Warning Against Scam:

◾Do not click on links/messages/comments on your post from users you do not know.
◾Do not use your private keys on a third party website. Unless, it is trusted and approved on steemit.
◾There are so many phishing sites/app out there. Be sure you are on the correct site before login/register with your details.
◾ Do not be selfish. Steem/SBD is not going to come freely to you. You have to do something to earn it. Hence do not quickly jump on a link promises free/easy earning.

Patience and hard work is the key.

Stay connected always:
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Wow...I must confess this was a very interesting discussion. I read through all the comments and it is amazing how many still have the drive despite the low earnings.
Special thanks to everyone who participated on the contest. Lets do this more for fun and sharing ideas people will learn from. Winners will be announce later today. Thank you all.

Great discussion question here @ceepee. Am sure many steemians are getting discouraged; there are low upvotes. However, those who join steemit primarily for impacting their audiences do not feel the wreck. One thing is sure, it won't last forever, STEEM WILL RISE AGAIN.

Consistency is key in times like this.

in the spring my curation and author rewards fell almost to zero. But I won in contests and it became my source of income in Steem

I do not have anything to fix the reputation of being up.

I don't understand you @alpaya.
Well, @ceepee, like every other cryptocurrency on the blockchain, consistency always results in more strength.
As a minnow, I hardly made substantial rewards on my post before this happened,so,this drop even worsens it.
But, I'll keep enjoying my blogging and interactions with my steemian friends

I think the drop is bad for all of us but still, this is the best time to gather up some SP

I do agree with you @gamsam, the drop is bad and i do believe that this is the best time to power up, gather sbd and most especially relax and enjoy steemit. We all must have at one point written for free many times just to have fun and gain a few friends, i feel steemians should just utilize this period to make new friends and power up too😀😀😀.

Keep steeming 💪💪

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's indeed the right time to invest in steem. However I personally advice investing money that will not be needed so soon into steem as such investment is a long term investment. There is a great potential in steem and steemit

Ive been wanting to the do that, but when i consider at the low value, it discourages me alot. I chose to believe that the future is bright here in steemit.

It really discouraging because to get sbd and steem is not really easy and after getting it the reward of now selling it is really low. Before when i sub on my phone i will be able to make the money for the sub back by just selling one sbd or steem and will still get some money to get something for myself , to me is not motivating at all . i really pray that the pay get to increase very soon

Thank you sirn

Your comment is out of the chain, hence your entry is invalid.