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Do not let ourselves be overcome by the vermin

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Do not wait for really disastrous things to happen to us just to start living for real.
Since all people are involved in concerns that seem to be taken into account with great importance, but to be about to die or in similar circumstances these concerns mean nothing because we spent most of our lives exaggerating them as arguments with family, scars, work , studies, or the things that society tells us about our appearance and attitude (rudeness) etc ...

For we are letting these minutiae of life define our future and life in general since "the things that cause half of the sorrows of the world are the small blows that are dealt to our own estimation, the lack of consideration, the wounds without importance to our vanity. "

So let's put aside those unimportant concerns since it will only bring us misfortunes, and we will fulfill our goal of life to keep the greatest moment of our lives happy.

"Life is too short to be small"

Ultimately as human beings we are always going to be exposed to worrying moments, and it will be vitally important to choose the path in a simple way to do nothing and let that problem shatter us or do something to improve that situation since these circumstances are not so serious we go through as we tend to maximize it and end up distressing us because we allow ourselves to be attributed to tiny things that we should despise and forget, and to think that on this planet we have few more decades to live and we are not going to waste those irreplaceable hours in ruminating grievances that after a year, would have been forgotten by us and the world.

Truth therefore What are you waiting for to live your life as you deserve?

I hope you liked this kind of information, because it helped me a lot and when I write it I will remember that I must change and that I should not allow trivia to define my life. Without saying anything until next time

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