Discover Your Body - Art Contest #1 Feet

in #discoveryourbody4 years ago

I am definitely not a painter. but I wanted to do it :)
Although not successful, my first entry in the race is work :)
Thank you @yoganarchista
Hope you like it!

2018-01-22 11.51.31 1 (1).jpg


Nice drawing, your drawing is much better than mine :)

thank you so much

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without the body can not live without the feet can not walk simple

do not give up and keep trying what you accomplish right, hopefully you succeed later what you hope right all the time @artizm

You are doing much better than me....

@atizm, this is not bad at all, don't be so hard on yourself..And did you know that feet and hands are technically hardest things to draw?

oh yeah I know now !! :)

Omg this is my favorite!!

Cute drawing. Nice to see the normal feet of a ballerina. It is now fashionable to draw them struck up the blood, I don't like this fashion.
Your drawing has very nice and delicate colors.

You should be a painter! This looks very good! :D

thank you so much :)

thank you so much :)

Excellent work you have my vote and my support! I hope you see mine tmbien

Excellent work you have my vote and my support! I hope you see mine tmbien

This is amazing girl, you put on a draw what i just feel in life everyday... awsome

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