Swagger Status - ONLINE: Working on 3 Different Platforms

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A Blockchain Centric Discord Bot.

Time to get your Swag on, on multiple platforms!

Latest Update:

Swagger has been running and continues to vote.

@swagger is upvoting on 3 different blockchain platforms. Yes that's right! If you are also on the Smoke Network or Scorum, you can get an upvote from @swagger through Discord!

Scorum Upvote

Smoke Upvote

This have been up and running and made some minor changes.

Check out our announcement post on voting services back online.

For the time being, you can upvote with @swagger on Discord. Those that have already registered on Steem previously should not have to.

Join the Smart Media Group Discord and use @swagger!


How to Use Swagger?

Just join a Discord server that has the bot or invite it to your server if you have permission, and type the command *upvote [URL] like so:

Update: If you use the wrong prefix, you'll get a reply letting you know if your post may have already been voted or using the wrong prefix.

See the command list below.

How to Add Swagger Bot to a Discord Server?

Current commands for @swagger Discord bot.

*register <steemaccount> - (Steem ONLY) associate account with your Discord user. You can register your Steem account with your Discord account that can help prevent users from posing as Steemians and is required to be registered in order to use the bot to upvote.

*upvote [url] - upvote from bot; Steemit link.

!upvote [url] - upvote from bot; Smoke.io link.

^upvote [url] - upvote from bot; Scorum link.


Can I use it to vote for other's posts?


Can I use it to vote for comments?

EDIT: No. It was decided to disable this to allow more organic growth in comments.

Is there a limit or wait time to use this bot?

Yes. However, there is not a specific set limit. It is currently being monitored and adjusted on the fly.

Why did I not get a response or an upvote?

The bot can be down for maintenance, updates, and node issues. Just have a little patience and things should be back to normal shortly.

Why do I have to send 0.001 STEEM or 0.001 SBD to the bot to register?(Steem ONLY)

This is the minimum amount of transfer that can be broadcasted over the Steem blockchain. This is to verify that you are in fact the owner of the Steem account you are registering with to associate it with your Discord account.

From time to time, the bot will stop voting to recharge voting power.

Donations and delegations to @swagger are welcome.

Delegate to Swagger Via Steemconnect

You can change the end of the URL where it says vesting_shares=50.0%20SP Change the amount from 50.0 to whatever amount you would like. If you wanted to delegate 100 SP, the end of the URL should look like this: vesting_shares=100.0%20SP.



You got a 16.13% upvote from @oceanwhale courtesy of @swagger! Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @oceanwhale. Visit www.OceanWhaleBot.com for details!


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