Unacknowledged- A New Steven Greer and Disclosure Project Movie

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Exposure of the World's Greatest Secret!!!

Look, if you will only watch one movie this year then it should be this one. This is a masterpiece of disclosure. The most frightening part is that it's amazing in what it shares and even more extraordinary in what it edits out.

The world is not as it seems.

  1. The globe is run by the deep state of unelected officials. It doesn't matter who is publicly in charge. The deep state war machine, war profiteers, and secret space programs call the shots.
  2. The Deep State uses many types of theft, media manipulation, and violence to control world events.
    a. the Deep State steals money through the budgeting process for off book projects. The public has funded a shit ton of space age technology that we are denied access to.
    b. The media is completely controlled through bribes and threats. They are there to control what you think and not inform you of what's going on.
    c. The Deep State uses war as a means to control populations and steal money for off book projects.
  3. The deep state hides technology from ordinary people. This includes ET technology for free energy devices and space travel.
    a. Free Energy devices currently exist that could stop planetary reliance on fossil fuels.
    b. Space travel is possible and massive ships have already been designed and constructed that do it.

It's a brief 2 hours of your life to realize many deep truths about the world.

You can buy the movie here: https://www.amazon.com/unacknowledged-movie-Movies-TV/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A2625373011%2Ck%3Aunacknowledged%20movie

Please don't illegally down load it here https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/17779035/Unacknowledged+%282017%29+720p+WEB-DL+MkvCage

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I think that very soon the day will arrive when we will learn the truth about so many things. I get so disgusted when I think how you and I as taxpayers fund the government and give them the resources and authority to discover a multitude of 'secrets' including direct communication with various ET species and in the name of control they keep the truth secret from us- absolutely disgusts me as if they have a right to the truth while you and I don't?

Heck they made a HUGE discovery in Antarctica staring 10 years ago which includes incredible technologies and structures built over 1.5 BILLION years ago. They also apparently found a space ship that is 3 miles wide. So we all pay to have these things excavated/discovered/examined yet we don't get to know about any of it.

I hope that one day soon when the truth is revealed, the SOBs that kept all of that from us will be held accountable for what I feel is a crime against humanity. Instead they just feed us all the canned BS you learn in formal education settings.

I watched it already and it was good. He was on coast2coast couple of night ago. Some crazy stuff the government is hiding or let me rephrase trying to disclose. I don't know if discloser will ever happen. Great post thanks!!

Definitely believe the media is there to distract you and frame the public discourse. Free energy technology would completely transform our society, and in positive ways I believe.

Please don't illegally down load it here

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The Truth is out There! Trust NO ONE!


The reality is we don't really know what the reality is.
Take the Global Warming fraud. People have made billions of dollars on this scam....think Al Gore.
Take Roswell, another case of "Do we really know what happened."
All I know is something is going on and I am not privy to it.
The internet may be our best hope of opening the doorway to the truth.
The rich, and I mean Mega Rich, want to stay rich and therefor we must stay poor to accomplish their goal.
Unfortunately, humans don't understand there is more than enough for all of us. Enough air, water, food, money, ideas, knowledge, etc.
When I was a kid in the 60's I thought by 2000 we would be living in a utopian world. It hasn't happened.
My entire life has been one war after another and how many billions have paid the price so a few people can stay "rich".
Together our voice can overwhelm this deceit!

I also saw the movie. It is great!

wait until premiere date :))

I'll look in Russian dubbing.
THANK @aggroed!