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While choosing our outfits, every one of us must has thought why do we look good in some colors and glumly in others. It depends on the type of beauty we represent. They differ and we can easily observe the richness of the beauty variety only by looking around us, for example, while walking down the streets. The starting point for defining the type of beauty based on color were seasons of the year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. As was already mentioned, the types of beauty differs and it would be difficult to match everyone to this particular pattern, however, it became a key benchmark in order to state approximately the direction to go and the mistakes to avoid. After all, today I would like to talk about one of the mentioned types of beauty – autumn. It is worth trying to determine your own color type of beauty, it will be a nice challenge and will bring a lot of positive emotions. Although, it is not something intellectually stimulating, for sure, it will give you practical knowledge which will be helpful in choosing outfits.


Chestnut, ginger or copper-colored hair represents definitely a warm color type, which is the autumn. Green, olive, hazel or blue eyes and light complexion are also characteristic for the autumn. Lips in coral or peachy tones make contrast for the light skin. The example of the autumn is our model Agnieszka. This is a remarkable person as she is a combination of gentleness and temper – the traits characteristic for the autumn as well. In search for color inspirations for our model’s type of beauty, it is worth turning to the gold autumn nature. Colors of moss, brick red, heather, khaki, safari and shades of brown are the warm colors which will brighten the outfit and enhance our gentleness for sure. The color palette for this type of beauty is wide, which gives us a possibility to freely combine colors and to experiment with choosing tones.


While completing the outfit for Agnieszka, we put emphasis not only on colors, but most of all, on comfort. Our model deals with a relatively difficult handicap, that is why we proposed her a thin linen shirt, comfortable, and at the same time, casual. A classic cut, a nice collar and a ¾ sleeve are the guarantee of high wearing comfort as they allow to adjust the shirt to the model’s individual preferences. Linen is a soft, light and airy fabric, therefore, it makes a perfect base for summer and early autumn outfits. Although black is not a color for Agnieszka, if we decide on a black top, as in this case, or a different black piece of clothing to wear underneath the shirt, we should remember about the rule of thumb to enliven the black with the autumn colors. Thus, the main role in this outfit is played by the light olive linen shirt which enhances Agnieszka’s beauty. Autumn ladies should stick to light natural make-up, which gives this outfit the impression of freshness. Linen shirts can be worn in many ways. They will be a nice elegant piece of clothing – to work, and a casual one – to go shopping or for a walk.


Model: Agnieszka
Photographer: Krzysztof Ślachciak
Make-up: Paulina Kurowiak
Stylist: Paulina Kurowiak
Co-operation: Posnania shopping mall (posnania.eu)



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