RIPAC and the Perseverance.

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RIPAC is the Representative Initiatives Political Action Committee. Set to be the first SUPERPAC for citizens ballot initiatives, referenda, recalls and citizen grand jury propositions, RIPAC is also the first cooperatively run PAC for full transparency and security in its strategies for citizens ballot access petitions.

Using various blockchain technologies and working directly with Follow My Vote in creating website functions to create an online e-democracy based on parliamentary procedures, RIPAC seeks to create the world's first E-Democracy Quorum with rules and order based on the same “Robert’s Rules of Order.” that parliamentary governments of the world use. The main distinction is that now, ordinary people can debate in the quorum and a grassroots up approach to politics will be created that can replace the current top-down hierarchical model.

This project is for is radical constitutional anarchy. Anarchy does not mean without rules, it means without rulers. When RIPAC becomes a national phenomenon with public participation in all the states, the centrist progressive-libertarian policies can be implemented by the people directly, without a need for politicians.

I had been an activist since the year 2000, canvassing, fundraising and training crews to work the door to door fundraising campaigns. This has always been my path since I was a young adult and I’m making commitments to stay an activist my whole life, no matter what. Nothing gives me more gratitude and fulfillment. Activism is my calling and my mission is to help others find a passion for it as well so together we can actually change our world sooner than later.

The government will essentially be obsolete in the neer future thanks to direct democracy as predicted by world trends forecaster Gerald Celente. Both Abraham Lincoln and Malcolm X agreed that the ballot was more powerful than the bullet. In an age of quickly approaching tyranny and lawlessness of the elites, social tension and violent radicalization is on the rise. I knew that a new type of radical movement needed to be created, one about changing people's entire paradigms of government and one where it involves direct participation.

Not being of the type to give up on what I feel is the noblest of causes, I transformed myself over the years to becoming more and more successful as an activist entrepreneur to make sure I would have the skills to get it started myself as I needed too, and thus, I have come far since my initial creation of this idea was born.

I ran one of the most successful petition coordinator companies for my Client Bay Area Petitions for over six years. This final year was documented to some extent on my FB archive for my company Liberty Economy Circulators. I have the skills. I made some of the best income through my hard work and I will apply the same ethics of hard work to RIPAC. I already am.

I now invest my income into RIPAC with an ambition to create “the great work” that can motivate others to support what I’m doing, for us, as a cooperative. Either we create direct democracy or we wait for politicians. I’m done waiting.

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