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Certain people or ideas have throughout history been upheld by 'those who would deceive us' not because they were necessarily right but because these ideas fitted a preferred image of the world. A world which would have us living not as the all powerful beings we are, but as slaves with secret masters. Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, Einstein & Hawkins are some of the names who have been upheld for this purpose over the centuries, but dinosaurs too fit perfectly as a paradigm shift in thinking built on something which can in no way be called an absolute truth.

I know a lot of you will have resistance to this one and that's fine. All I ask is that you evaluate the evidence with an open mind, remembering that everything we were taught at school as fact should as a matter of course be re-visited & questioned, especially now we know our governments and associated institutions have no interest in silly ideas like truths which don't benefit them.

The first question you might ask yourself upon reading the title of this post might be "why would they lie to us about dinosaurs?" and the answer to this question ties in with another subject which tends to get a lot of resistance here, the Flat Earth.

A Divine Creator puts us at the centre

Back in the day when the idea of a Flat Earth was commonplace it would not have been so difficult to imagine along side it a Divine Creator who put us here. We, the people of this great physical plane felt ourselves to be at the centre of all things, chosen, special, loved. Indeed this must have been a powerful time for humanity.


While talk of a globe Earth began centuries earlier it wasn't until Copernicus in the 1500s formulated "a model of the Universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at its center" (wiki) that old school ideas of a Flat Earth & geocentricism were finally put to bed in all parts of the world.

In the geocentric model of our Universe, the Sun, Moon, stars and planets all orbit the Earth, while in the heliocentric model the Earth orbits the Sun and no longer sits at the centre.


This may seem insignificant but it is in fact very important because we have gone from being at the centre of everything (obviously put here intentionally) to being on a random planet which just happened to be at the exact right distance from the Sun to generate life.

Can you see how the new idea belittles the notion of a Divine Creator and cuts us off from our understanding of how special we really are? It is worth pointing out in this moment that who we become in this world is a direct reflection of who we believe ourselves to be. So by deceiving us in this way they have halted the natural progression of humanity.

Dinosaurs were invented in the 1800s

Darwin's theory of evolution was hailed as fact in the 1800s and dinosaurs appeared shortly after that, further devaluing the idea of a Divine Creator who made the world in seven days by insinuating that he created dinosaurs a long time before this. Almost like he created man as an afterthought. Again, can you see how this subtly takes away from the feeling we hold our entire lives about who we really are? You may not believe yourself to be a victim but these kind of feelings are passed down from generation to generation and all of us have in some way been affected by the implications of this shift in thinking.

In case you are wondering, dinosaurs are not mentioned in the Bible. And this alone should trigger alarm bells! Certainly there are Christians (who have fallen for the dinohoax) citing one particular verse from the Book of Job in an effort to prove all creatures were made at the same time. But in reality the verse in question is not specific enough to serve as proof.

Dinosaurs are also not mentioned by the native Indians of America (in the same regions where plenty of dinosaurs were later found).


In fact, they are not talked about in any ancient texts and the closest thing we have is a mention of "dragon bones" by the Chinese some 2000 years ago, which are today assumed to be dinosaur bones. While I am in danger of getting off track here, the idea that the people of the past found dragon bones sounds much more believable to me than them finding dinosaur bones. Dragons are mentioned at least 35 times in the King James Bible while our old friends the dinosaurs get no mention at all. I personally believe dragons of an unimaginable size were real and once inhabited this realm (which is much bigger than you think it is), as did many other amazing creatures. Just not dinosaurs.

You may wish to consider why we have no evidence of a dinosaur bone discovery prior to the 1800s? We are told that people must have unearthed them but did not understand at the time what they were and therefore made no effort to conserve the bones or note the discovery in a way which could be observed by us today. So we have millions of detailed writings & artworks from the centuries prior to the 1800s yet not a single one depicts dinosaurs or dinosaur bones in a definitive manner.

We do however have things like this splodge on the wall of a cave which today serves as adequate proof that the humans of our ancient past were familiar with dinosaurs.


Call me crazy but it could just be a splodge on a wall?

The first dino bone drawing

The oldest known drawing of a supposed dinosaur bone is from 1677 by Robert Plot. Incredible detail I think you will agree.


Lower part of a femur, probably of Megalosaurus, identified by Plot as most likely the thigh bone of a giant man as mentioned in the Bible... The true nature of this bone as the femur of a dinosaur was only realised by William Buckland around 1822. The bone has since been lost. source

To summarise, Plot (who was qualified in his field) believed this to be the bone of a giant man but two centuries later his idea was written off by someone who had vested interests in the existence of dinosaurs and conveniently the bone was lost so no one could ever disprove the new version of the story.

The art of carving bones to become different shapes is nothing new, so I wonder how many other giant human bones (or 'mythical' creatures of our ancient past) have been re-shaped & re-labelled as dinosaur bones?


It is possible the dinosaur story was created with the specific intention of hiding the existence of giant humans & other enormous creatures from us (because they do not fit with the given historical narrative). In this way any accidental discovery of giant bones could be easily written off as dinosaurs in the future.

While the bible makes no mention of dinosaurs it does mention giants (The Nephilim) multiple times and even states very specifically the height & impossible ages of certain people.


Meanwhile, history would have us believe we are growing in size over the millennium & living longer lives.

If you are interested to learn more about the cyclical nature of our realm and the giant people & plants of our past I went into this subject four years ago in this article.

The first dino exhibition

Unknown to most, the first dinosaur on display attracted millions of people yet was nothing more than an artist's creation, based on a few bones. Lacking any part of the skull, they used the skull of an iguana, which in this artist's depiction of the exhibition has been enlarged for effect.

Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 07.58.03.png

This is what the exhibition looks like today.


And from this an entire realm of wild & fearsome creatures was imagined.

It should be noted here that no independent researcher has ever been able to examine a dinosaur bone. Only those 'in the club' can do such things. And you will find yourself swiftly booted out of this club if you are not into the idea of towing the narrative line.

Screenshot 2022-03-19 at 11.18.18.png

So in the end we must trust the word of a few select people who have everything to gain from dinosaurs being real. Which I think you will agree is a ridiculous and unscientific situation to be in.

The missing link

Dinosaurs are often used as the evidence for that which Darwin could not prove, the jump from one species to another.

Perhaps you have heard about this particular pre-historic creature, half reptile, half bird?


What you won't hear about are the lucky few palaeontologists who were able to examine actual specimens of this supposed inter-species because they will almost always conclude it to be a fake. One example found here referring to the current display in London.

Even the National Geographic has been caught red handed publishing lies with their article on a feathered T Rex in which they state "New birdlike fossils are missing links in dinosaur evolution". As pointed out in this article it was later discovered that the bones were in fact those of two individual creatures and National Geographic were forced to admit the fossil was a fake.

In conclusion

Back to the question, why the lie about dinosaurs?

Well, it is primarily to keep us from realising the greatest truth of all. We ARE at the centre of everything and we really were put here by a Divine Creator!

We were bigger, more advanced & more spiritual in the past and history as we know it is mostly a lie designed to mess with the official time-line (hiding the true age of our most magnificent buildings & with it the cyclical nature of humanity) while making us believe we are intrinsically violent as a species, requiring the assistance of government to keep us safe & happy.

By having us believe our existence on Earth is a lucky accident of fate is dis-empowering us from our true heritage and ultimately making us easier to control. Indeed, those who believe a Divine Creator put them here with purpose tend to lead the kind of lives which are not preferable to our rulers who would much rather we had an empty hole in our hearts where once spirituality reigned free. This hole is easily filled with the innumerable (and financially beneficial) distractions our modern world has to offer.

Humanity has been intentionally blinded over these last few centuries and today we are in a state of amnesia. We don't know WHO we are, we don't know WHERE we are and we don't know WHEN we are. And throwing dinosaurs into the mix hasn't helped at all!

A few other fun facts about dinosaurs:

  • The classification "dinosauria" was imagined BEFORE the discovery of dinosaurs. At the time only a few bones had been discovered, so how can an entire classification of animal be based on this alone?


  • The word 'dinosaur' means terrible lizard. (Some say our rulers have guidance from reptilian beings)

  • Museums never exhibit real dinosaur bones. The originals are kept under lock and key away from public scrutiny.

  • There are no complete dinosaur skeletons in existence. Missing parts are always completed by artists. Sometimes bones from other parts of the world will be used to fill in gaps, but as you can imagine this is a highly subjective game.

  • In most cases only a single bone is found and this alone is used to create the remainder of the body.

  • There are no complete dinosaur skulls in existence (in which all bones were found at the same location).

  • Only people with special interests in palaeontology seem to find dinosaur bones, yet we are told that dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years, so why aren't ordinary people digging up bones every day in their gardens?

  • Anatomically speaking many dinosaurs don't make sense. The T.Rex for example with its big neck & head cannot stand upright on its own weight and must always be anchored to the floor or supported in some way for exhibits.

  • Creatures of this magnitude would not have been able to move fast (as depicted in modern Hollywood films) because their skulls are not thick enough to protect them from the kind of head injuries they would have sustained regularly.

  • Hollywood (an industry notoriously associated with those who would deceive us) has made a ton of money from dinosaurs.

  • A small number of US & Chinese companies produce dinosaur bone replicas to all museums today, making an insane amount of money. You can buy an adult T.Rex for around $8M. A baby one for $3M. And these are just plaster casts which cost almost nothing to produce.

This one auctioned for $31M at Christies.


A lucrative fraud I think you will agree.

And effective too in its subjugation of humanity's perception of itself.

So let us finally put a stop to this amnesia and acknowledge once more that we are at the centre of all things, created with purpose by a Divine Being!

You are chosen. You are special. You are loved.

With the exception of the giant human & ancient 'mythical' creatures bone cover-up observation which was my own, all other information presented in this post comes from the work of Eric Dubay whose work can be found on Odysee.

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Dinosaurs were called "dragons" back in the days of knights.

A pterodactyl was shot down by a couple of cowboys and strung out across a barn. (of course the Smithsonian confiscated all the pictures of it)

And the most important, is that we are in the 5th advanced global human civilization.

4 times we have been nearly wiped out.
(the Noah floods was the latest)

To me, the stories of dinosaurs and Darwin were created to make us forget where we really came from. The entire "ages" of our planet, completely made up, and have no bearing on reality. But it has formed the minds of most scientists.

Excellent observations as always! What are you doing here on steem? Not on hive? Or blurt?

I've seen that image you mention of the cowboys with the pterodactyl and what you say about dinosaurs being dragons makes a lot of sense now I'm thinking about it.

4 times we have been nearly wiped out.

Prior occasions included intense heat, leaving behind melted buildings we now call mountains.

To me, the stories of dinosaurs and Darwin were created to make us forget where we really came from. The entire "ages" of our planet, completely made up, and have no bearing on reality. But it has formed the minds of most scientists.

Couldn't have put it better myself!

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