Dino Diploma Weekly Contest Entry - Architecture

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This week’s theme for the Dino Diploma Weekly Contest – Architecture

The Architecture of Avignon, France

This is an example of a drawing that explores architectural forms while at the same time looks for more abstract relationships of those elements. Rather than a scene, it was built of various archways, steps, roofs, windows, chimneys, trees and patterns seen in brick, wood carvings, stonework, and more.

avignon collage.jpg
All rights reserved @mrsomebody

As I walked through the streets of Avignon I made light pencil sketch “notes” of these details. Later I made refinements, occasionally erasing a part that doesn’t flow well and adding something else. Finally I inked it in. Lastly, I scanned the image and added background colors in Photoshop to bring it to life more.


Thanks to @prosperousrex for sponsoring this Dino Diploma Weekly Contest!

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