Dino Crisis

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Dino crisis are games about dinosaurs and puzzles. In the first part, after an experiment with a special kind of energy, dinosaurs are brought back from the past on the secret island where the experiments were done. A team is dispatched from the mainland to find out what happened after most of the soldiers on the island went missing. The player needs to help the team discover what happened while trying to escape or kill the dinosaurs and solve puzzles.

There are many dangers in the island’s buildings and the ammo is easily spent. The dinosaurs are different and there are velociraptors, T-Rexes and flying dinosaurs too.

In the second part, a team is sent into the past to find out what happened with the Third Energy. An entire island with the buildings is transported in the past. The players need to help the protagonists to survive in the jungles and to fulfill their mission. Also, there are puzzles too and the weapons can be upgraded. When the team arrives, most of the people on the island have been killed by the dinosaurs.

Dino crisis teams

In this game, the players can control two protagonists. They start at different places but after some time they meet. One of them is also looking for his daughter and he needs to find her fast. This game also has more open places and the dinosaurs appear more often.

In the third part, the story happens in the future. The communication with a space ship has been lost and a team is sent to investigate what happened. The ship is full of dangerous dinosaurs that try to kill the protagonists. Also, they ship is changing its structure from time to time because the rooms can change their places.

If you want to read more, you can do that here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dino_Crisis

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