Broccoli Revolution restaurant: Bangkok (Vegan)

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I'm not vegan. I am normally quite the opposite as I feel as though meat keeps me full longer and ends up being a better value as far as food choices are concerned. I do, however, realize that this is the trend these days and vegan restaurants are all the rage. I was staying with a vegetarian and someone who only eats seafood so I figured I'd go with them and try this place out!


First off, they have a lot of options that are traditionally meat-oriented meals and of course I was going to order those. I settled on their premier burger after looking at the menu for just a bit because I didn't know what the hell most of the things actually were.


I've heard of quinoa in the past and how it is a superfood or something plus for me anyway, a burger can be made without meat and be wonderful if the sauce is done well. This was true with a "chicken sandwich" that I had at a vegan burger joint in Singapore and to this day that is my favorite chicken sandwich I have ever had despite the fact that it contained no chicken at all.


Compare my picture to the one on the menu: I think they are close enough and I was happy with the presentation. The taste on the other hand....ehhhh, I wasn't terribly impressed. Despite the guacamole and mango salad, it was just really dry. It also fell apart and made a real mess so it was necessary to hover over my plate or wear it. Plus the fact that I paid $2 for 8 "homemade french fries" is a bit nuts in my mind.


The ambiance of the restaurant is good and has an "industrial" look to it that appeals to me a great deal. The staff were really friendly and the service was fast and efficient.


My cappuccino was garbage because (and i should have seen this coming) they don't have actual milk or cream in this place (totally my fault for not realizing that) so the soy milk really ruined it for me. It did look nice though :)


Now I know that this information is relatively new and very well could be funded by the dairy and meat industries but I have been reading lately that the vegan alternatives to meat aren't really as "sustainable" as they would have us believe. I have read that almond milk uses some crazy amount of water in its production and global quinoa and avocado demand is having negative effects on the areas that generate it. I'm not going to jump on the propaganda bandwagon though. Instead I'll just focus on my overall opinion of the restaurant from an omnivore perspective.

Overall opinion

The ambiance is great, the food was delivered quickly and the staff were friendly. These are all great things that factor tremendously into where I choose to eat. However, it is also one of the most expensive meals I have had in a long time and while I realize this has a lot to do with the popular location you can't tell me that this isn't at least in part because of the fact that vegan food is trendy right now and it is very possible to take advantage of customers.

My burger was just "ok" - and according to my friends that were there as well their food was just average also. Therefore, unless you actually are vegan, I would say that it Broccoli Revolution isn't really worth going out of your way for.

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Delicius 😀😀 @tipu curate

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Lol. I would have fallen into the same trap with the Cappucino. Not something I would have thought of. Vegan is fine as a starter as I do need my meat. All about different experiences and what rocks your boat and good to see you having an open mind with this stuff. I don't know if I could to be honest.

i have no intention of continuing down this path. I was just trying to be a good house-guest and just go where they want to go. They were driving after-all.

Yeah, no thanks. I don't think I could do it . Like you said, most of the time the stuff just ends up being super dry and not appealing at all. Quinoa is great as a side dish or a replacement for rice actually, but I don't think I could do a burger of the stuff. It seems like the texture would be all weird. I am super excited to see what kind of reviews you do once you get to your new home. There are going to be so many great places for you to explore!

yeah. this entire area that i am in now is filled with things that I don't even know what it is and have just been picking things on a menu and having a go. This doesn't really apply to the vegan spot but at the moment all things I order are going to be "unknown" for a while.

What a grand adventure! :)

I am not sure how I feel about going vegan even I am neither much of a meat eater. The problem I have with this whole thing is what are we supposed to be doing with the animals we rear?

Anyway. Awesome setting and atmosphere. The food looks good on photos. Seems a bit pricey for such an obvious (the three french fries) potion :D

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Looks like you had quite an experience. I'm also not a vegan, nor vegetarian. I eat almost all I want, selecting of course the healthiest options. However, vegan dishes are fine from time to time.

What I don't like in a restaurant is when as you said, your burger is falling apart, you make a mess and/or you get out dirty, not to mention the price of the meal.
I'd say if the price is high or higher than usually, the meal must be exceptional.

The cappuccino story made me smile. I've been a coffee addict for decades, gave up drinking coffee one hand a half year ago. However I've hardly had cappuccino or coffee with cream as I liked my coffee black. Not that is makes you feel better, but I would have made the same mistake myself :)

My question is, would you have vegan meals/burgers in the future, after this experience? 🙂

I just had broccoli tonight .. but as a side to the filet mignon. Haha. We eat more chicken then red meat, but can’t give up our meats yet.

You actually mean the fries in your plate for 60thb? lol

Those supposed to come with the burger then they forgot to bring you the add-on fries

well it is good to know that it was just a mistake because that would be absurd if I had paid 60B for 8 tiny pieces of potato

Very interesting sir gooddream. I've never eaten at a vegan joint and I'm sure there aren't any close to me anyway. But I'd sure try it at least once. Great job on the review.

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