Dimecoin Breaks All Records - It's Time To Get Rich Part Two

in dimecoin •  11 months ago

Dimecoin began to fly as I wrote a few days ago, now he has become unstoppable.
" I wrote about the investment strategy four months ago. Dimecoin is a currency that does not have its owner, 100% is decentralized. I invested one year ago in Dimecoin 1000 dollars, now I have 10 billion dimcoins that have a value of 18 Bitcoin. At that time Bitcoin was worth about $ 1,000, I earned 17 Bitcoin until now. His real value is an excellent name and emotional connection with people, everyone who has Dimecoin feels like a real owner. I predict an additional 500% growth in the next year, now is the right moment to invest in Dimecoin. " See proof https://steemit.com/crypto/@dobartim/prediction-for-the-growth-of-crypts-by-1-december-90-days#@aidasfg7/


Dimecoin jumped almost 70% in 2 days. He jumped by almost 70% in 2 days, he had a turnover of 0.5 Bitcoin a day, now he has $415,838 USD 27.61 BTC . The value is still small, I believe that in the next 3 months, anyone who invests 1 Bitcoin earns at least 4 Bitcoins. This is the latest moment to get at a cheaper price, Dimecoin is a 100% decentralized currency in the hands of ordinary people like Bitcoin.

" It can be purchased from Bitcoin, Doge, Ltc, Eth etc. It's cheapest and it's best to get it on https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=DIME_LTC See all the details, it's a currency that has very little value at this time, its present value is $0.000032 , imagine that a Dime is worth 0.1 $ by the end of 2018. I'll leave you just to calculate how much money you will earn. " This is a real investment at the right time, everyone can get 1 000 000 Dimecoin - at one point it will have $ 100 000.

Invest in the right time @dobartim

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I will buy more dimecoin
Thanks for keep up with info @dobartim

If it goes up it will be like btc magic all overagain

Wow, still cheap enough to buy! But only cryptopia is a joke! :/


Every car gets on target if it is correct, every stock market has its advantages and disadvantages.P.S.
When you make money you transfer it to another stock market

Very interesting prospect 👆

never heard of it till today, will buy it now that its cheap and HODL and see where it goes

Kenne ich nicht

Never heard of it before this dimecoin. It is cheap though but how reliable is it sir. I would love to get it too. Thanks for sharing

I don't find it on bittrex and polonyx.