DIME coin is really going to 0.005$m

in dimecoin •  5 months ago

Well, new team of Dime is doing lot of efforts for this coin. Even white papar and road map also out their market. Dime coin is a decentralized payment solution offering extremely fast micro transactions with very very low fee. Few month ago, Dime Coin CEO uploaded a video where he is buying a some bubble gum in exchange of dime coins.
These coins are currently in US and some European countries in the place of money.
This coin created on 2013 and on 2017 it is over taken by new team and its a first cyrtocurrency which is partner of soccer team.
Let's come to the main question that is, will it reach the 0.005$ in next bullish trend? In 2018 jan it reached the highest point which was 0.00025$ from 0.00002$. It has seen that cyrtocurrency always break its old mark but in Dimecoin 0.005$ is huge margin to cover. It can break old highest (0.00025$) by 40% to 80%. But 0.005$ is not possible in coming time because circulating supply is Reason the behind it. Dime has 544 billion of annual supply which is huge. It has infinte supply too. So it take lots of time to reached there. In crypto market supply play important role in growth of coin. Well its team doing great efforts to make this coin good. Hope we will see good profit in next 2 to 3 years of hold of Dime.

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